You Are Officially Old: Tetris Turns 30 Today

3 years ago

I've been struggling a little bit with turning 40 this week, by which I mean I've been dragging my body through the kitchen while I cook dinner moaning things like, "I'm turning all corpse-y." But nothing has made me feel older than finding out that today is the 30th anniversary of Tetris.

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I remember prancing through the house in my Jordache jeans, giving everyone the heads up: "It's my Tetris time." Which was code for, don't talk to me for the next hour.   I gave people the heads up for their own good.  Because if you distracted me from my falling blocks, I came up swinging.  For some reason, people thought it was okay to talk to me while I was playing.  Are you kidding?  Would you talk to someone while they were meditating?  PLAYING TETRIS TAKES ABSOLUTE CONCENTRATION!

If I could get Josh to move around some boxes in the storage room, I could get you the notebook where I kept a record of my high scores as well as taped-in Polaroid pictures of the screen.  It didn't really work, by the way, to take a Polaroid picture of the computer screen.  But that didn't stop me from trying.  I needed proof, damnit, of my Tetris prowess.

Which is why... I am only partially ashamed to admit... that I take screenshots of my high scores when I play games on my phone.

There have been a lot of game obsessions over the years.  Candy Crush is an obvious one that ate up most of 2013.  (What?  2013 happened?  I was plowing through whipped cream so I could get to the candy bombs before they exploded.  It is serious work that requires me to hide in my bedroom while I pretend I'm getting dressed!)  There is Dots and Hay Day and Monument and Windosill and 2048 and FlowFree...

But my first love was Tetris.

Or Frogger.

Tetris and Frogger.

And wait... there was that Q*bert phase. 

Tetris, Frogger, and Q*bert.

What have been your game obsessions?

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