Yettiology: How Bad Do You Want It?

5 years ago
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Everyone, correction... some people have goals they are working towards (long-term / short-term) but how badly do they want it? To what lengths are they willing to go to meet this goals... surpass them even. And I'm not talking about "I just want to be successful" goals, nor "I just want to be rich" goals. I'm talking about those concrete hard but not unattainable goals.  The "Oh my God, did she really just do that?" goals. The "very few her age have accomplished that" goals.

I get told on a weekly basis that I am doing too much, aiming for the impossible.

My Response: How do you know it isn't possible till you try?
My Response: If so & so did it, why can't I?

You see... there is much more to this high-pitched 23-yr-old that struggles with her image. So much more. I refuse to live a mediocre life. I refuse to experience a life where I or anyone else can say that I did just okay. I want to do beyond okay, I want to do the UTMOST BEST that I possibly can. I am going to be great, I am going to be phenomenal! And you know what? You should aim for that too! Complacency is for losers. Harsh, but it is the fucking truth. If you know you can do better... why aren't you doing it? Yes there are things in life that may come up, but you can work around them or better yet, work WITH them. It's hard, it's excruciatingly difficult but it is not impossible.

But Yetti... there are about 4989423 blog posts where you're complaining about being miserable, are you taking your own advice?
Um... duh! I write those blog posts so I can remember how I felt, and why I am doing all that I am doing at this very moment to never feel that way again. There will come a breaking point where complaining and venting are just not enough. I complained for years... YEARS about my weight. And lo and behold complaining and failing got old and I managed to drop 30lbs and 3 or 4 dress sizes.

The question is: How Bad You Want It? My friend Ben sent me this video after reading this post. How committed are you to your goals?

I am up all hours of the night putting in work towards my goals, She's a 10! in particular. Why? Because it's more than a "hobby" and a "passion", it's a movement... it's my job. I consider She's A 10! my job, and my day time Sr. Business Analyst role as a means to fund that job. My sign on bonus? My tax money? Yeah... all of that went straight to She's A 10! My friend and partner Quontay and I gchat all day to prepare us for the work we have to put in during the evenings and weekends for this organization. And that's not even all of what I am doing. Not bragging, just providing you with a glimpse of what commitment and dedication look like.

My goal is to make a difference.
My goal is to show people how not to fuck up the way I have in the past.
My goal is to be a success story for my little brother and sister.
My goal is to write blog posts like this and this less, and show you how NOT to write them either.
My goal is to show all high-pitched 23-yr-olds that struggles with their image that they can be great and phenomenal too.

So why do I go to these extremes? Because that is how bad I want it. I want it so badly I am willing to work for it, and work hard.

So now I ask you once again? How bad do you want it?

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