Yes Virginia, I Am Christmas Shopping In July

4 years ago

I don't generally plan to start my Christmas shopping in July but every year, it seems to work out that way. Too many really cool things cross my path or I've saved a half dozen links and they all start to pile up in Evernote and that leads me to just go ahead and BUY now rather than waiting until the last minute.

This actually works out really well since I can get a big batch of shopping done and my wallet (or gasp, credit cards) don't groan quite as much under the weight of all of the purchases in November and December.

Take a look at some of the things I've bought (or plan to buy) this month:

Personalized Wood Rolling Pin

Image: ValekRollingPins

My partner has an unusual name so has never had much luck with personalized stuff. She spotted this gorgeous personalized rolling pin, and she's getting it for Christmas. With her name on it, of course.


We've wanted a sous vide for years—ever since we got one for a 30-day test after a BlogHer Food conference. Everything we cooked in it was fabulous but it was just too pricy for us so we thought we'd probably never have one. Fast forward a few years, and BlogHer Executive Editor Julie Ross Godar received a SansAire for her birthday—and our hopes of having a sous vide are alive again! (Her husband did a ton of research on these, and declares this one to be the best of the bunch. I'm taking his word for it.)


Again, Julie Ross Godar spotted a great gift for some of our girls. The Ever Purse is super cool because it allows you to pop your iPhone into the outside of the purse—and charge it. Isn't it a cute clutch? I can't wait 'til the girls find this under the tree in December!

Pups Against the Patriarchy Tee

My feminist kids need this Pups Against the Patriarchy T-shirt. (And, so do I.)

Scribble Pen

My mom spotted the Scribble Pen and knew I'd love it. (I hope she's planning on buying me one.) I'm ordering one for a couple of my kids—they'll love it almost as much as I will...

Children's Shoe Rack

Natasha Nicholes was posting about the #ContainOakbrook grand opening and lured us into driving all of the way to Oak Brook with this photo. We had to buy the elephant version of this shoe rack for our grandson for Christmas. His mother is jealous and wants one, too. Unfortunately, her shoes are too big for this little organizer—it really is just for kids.

Whimsy Wall Hooks

Also for my grandson, the cool train wall hook shelf. He loves trains, and I just couldn't resist this. I should clearly avoid The Container Store in the future since I every time I go in, I come out with some cool impulse purchase.

kGoal Smart Kegal Trainer

Last but not least, I jumped into the kGoal Smart Kegal Trainer Kickstarter—they've met their goal and plan to ship in December. Just in time for Christmas, I hope!

Do you wait until the more traditional holiday shopping season to buy, or do you start early? What have you bought so far?

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