A Yearly Update of Your Life

5 years ago

We think nothing of making an appointment for an annual medical exam, yet evaluating our health through the following perimeters is just as important to our physical health.

July has been full of blessings, and for many, full of stressful situations, unexpected experiences, and in some cases, the resurfacing of someone or something that had taken years to overcome or receive counseling about. Well, if there are no mistakes in the Universe, then these events are present for a greater reason. It may be time to really take inventory and clean out your closets. That isn’t such a bad idea to take literally, but you when you are done with this house cleaning, let’s look at it figuratively, as well

How happy are you?  Do you think about being happy or is your focus more about fear driven thoughts, such as “what if”?

What emotion(s) are predominant in your day? Is this emotion a repeated theme in your life, and the basis for your “story-lines” about your life?  Do you call upon this emotion, and its related story like a ball-and-chain as the constant reason for not setting or attaining goals, not living a satisfied life, and for not being happy? 

What do you look forward to? What makes you excited? What lifts your spirits? Are you creating these times or depend upon others or chance in your life to create events for you? 

Is your health good? Are you over stressed? Over-eating? Getting enough sleep?

Are you experiencing pain, discomfort or injuries? Does this pain or injury create an obstacle to keep you from moving forward in your life? 

Do you maintain your spiritual line with prayer, meditation and gratitude? Do you give thanks regularly for the good, the blessings and the special people in your life? Do you have trouble naming any people in your life for which you are thankful? Do you take much of your life for granted? Do your days begin with hope—or dread?

Do you have healthy interests, hobbies, or sports? Do you exercise? Do you get away from the TV and computer often enough? Do you spend any time with nature? What gives you satisfaction? What do you do that validates you, who you are, and what you are passionate about?

Do you spend time with the people you care about? Do you at least talk to them by phone or email? Do you have a support group of people you care about, and who care about you? Do you feel emotionally supported by friends or family?

How do you give back? Do you measure your every action by what someone did for you, or do you give freely from your heart for the good of others and their general well-being?

Can you identify actions in your day that require courage, and with courage move through the obstacles and tough choices?

Answer the above questions and challenge yourself to make changes for the better.

Start with baby steps, or begin with one item from each paragraph and jump in.

Give yourself permission to complete each day in a way that makes you happy, and in a way in which you feel empowered about your life.

You can choose your routes and play an active role in getting where you want to go on this journey, or you can sit back for the ride and leave it all to chance.

Your health and happiness depend upon your active participation.

 “Nothing is lost as long as your hope is not lost.”-- Hazrat Inayat Khan

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