Yay, it's Saturday once again!!!

5 years ago


Another week ready to put into yesterday's news.  It's Saturday and we love it.

I'm almost ready to fork over my laptop to my daughter so she can play her online games and I will be ready to head out the door to do a little yard saling.

Did I do everything I wanted to do this week?  Probably not, but I did whittle away at my bucket list.  Things got done.

At least I was able to sew up most of my fabric bracelet tubes and headbands.  They aren't done.  I still need to string the elastic through and finish them up.

And I'm about ready to work more on my yo yo circles.

The Mollster (Mollyanne) had fun dumping my finished yo yo circles all over her head yesterday.  Which leads me to this morning's post I published on my blog.


And of course all this week I amazed myself and continued to write daily at the blog.  It's a feat to try to fit it in when sharing a laptop.  Which is why I am looking forward to fall time when I can have it all to myself.

Julia (the one who confiscates the laptop) spent a little time yesterday using my new pizza weaving kit while I was using the laptop.  It's a really neat thing.  I've already made a little trivet that I have to finish up with a fabric background.  Right now one of the girls has put it on top of my mannequin head and it looks like a hat.

She learned how to do it pretty quick.  Weaving is a pretty easy thing to do.  I want to try some woven bracelets next.

Here's an idea if you don't want ot go get the actual tool.  I think you can do it with a basic frame too.  All you do is tie it in the beginning and wind your yarn around two ends of the frame.  Then you work it on the front and when you are all done you cut the strings in the back and tie two strings together at a time to hold all your weaving together.

Saturday, means relaxation, fun times with the family, popcorn (craving it later today), pizza and anything else fun that you want to do that you don't get to do during the week.

Don't you hate it when it is Monday and you have to wait the whole week for the weekend to roll around.  And then Friday arrives and we're like, Yes we made it.

Well, I'll get going.  It's now 9am and I told Julsta that she could have the laptop and I don't want to get to a picked over yard sale.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted August 18, 2012




My pile of yo yo circles I have completed.  I just haven't figured out how I'm going to design my blanket or throw yet and bracelets and headbands and pocket books.  The strips in the front are some of my tubes for the bracelets with the stretch bands in them.  Those are easy to make too.


I want to sew up all my yo yo's before I make stuff with them.  I want to be able to pick and choose my colors.


They are so easy to make.  All you do is get a cover from a dip container and start cutting out your circles.  Then when you sew them, you bend over a tiny bit of the right side of the fabric and sew all the way around.  Then you need to gather it to pull it tight and sew a knot to keep it in place.


One thing I have learned this year is how to begin sewing.  For years, I always would thread my needle and make a little knot.  Well, I can't begin to tell you how ugly it looks if it ends up showing.


This year, I figured out that I could just pull the string through the fabric to the end and hold it in place while I sew a knot at the beginning.  Then I just sew and it stays.  Yay!


I'll be posting more photos for now on.  I think it helps to make the post visual.  I just didn't do it before as I didn't know how to find my urls for the photos.

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