New Merida: WTF, Disney?

4 years ago

Okay, I am calling shenanigans. Disney has decided Merida, the heroine of Pixar’s movie Brave, wasn’t quite “Princess-like” enough so they have decided to market her with a new look. She is now a "hotter," more girly version of herself.

I reckon that for Disney having a heroine whose plot was not moved along by her awesome love for a prince was bad enough. (Imagine a 16-year-old girl caring about freedom or her sport or family! How unrealistic!) To have one who wasn’t a paragon of sultry womanhood all six-year-olds should aspire to was just more than they could bear.

Some of the changes to the new version of Merida include:

  • Sleeker, longer hair with more body
  • Larger eyes and more arched eyebrows
  • Plumper lips
  • A thinner waist
  • More obvious breasts
  • An overall more adult and less adolescent appearance
  • Lighter colored and more ornate gown
  • A lower cut neckline that also shows more shoulder
  • Perhaps most symbolically, her bow and arrows have disappeared in favor of a fashionable belt.


Who needs archery when they can look good, amirite ladies? I mean, look at what a total flop The Hunger Games has been with its focus on an archery-proficient adolescent girl who is more interested in her family and survival than falling in love ... but can yet still care deeply about people (even boys!) she doesn’t want to plight her troth to. Disney can’t risk a repeat of that shit!

Way to handle what may be the first “feminist” heroine you’ve ever had, Disney. And by feminist I mean acted like a human being (i.e. a boy) instead of sacrificing herself for love and/or being rescued by a prince. We can’t have little girls being active not passive! What’s next? Cats and dogs living together?

There is a petition on if y’all want to head on over there and help me throw a fit about this asshattery on Disney’s part.

Editor's Note: As of 5/14/2013, it appears the updated princess look has been replaced on the Disney princess website with Merida's original look.

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