Write like nobody cares about your life.

3 years ago

A lovely fellow took time out of his day to comment on my blog, asking the question ” Do you think that people really care about your life?”

Very good point Robert.

And no. I don’t.

And honestly, I am with you Robert. I wonder that often myself, so trust me when I tell you that in the journey of starting to blog it was very difficult coming to terms with writing stories that no one would really care about.

It felt egotistical. Obsessive.

It felt very, very weird.

But like most other bloggers out there, I continued on. I wrote, and wrote, and wrote. I wrote stories for myself, but never for you.  I wrote what i wanted to write about, what I cared about.

I wrote about good moments, and my thoughts on life, and on being a human.

And eventually it didn’t matter if anyone cared or not, I started to love the process of writing about my days.

But Robert, people did come and read what i wrote. Not millions, or even hundreds of thousands, and I made many a friendship here through this little blog.

Perhaps people like to see others succeed and that story that the internet is “built on hate” is just baloney.  Maybe there are people out there who like stories that are a little silly, and rather simple, and show a brighter side of life that the deep dark sites that pull in all that angry traffic.

Or maybe there are other people out there who want something different in their life and by joining me in my story, they can see if it fits.

Or perhaps I am a train wreck, waiting to happen, and people want to stick around to see the gory bits?

Whatever the reason people come Robert, it may or may not be because they care about my life.

One thing I know for sure though Robert, I am not publishing your comment, not because trolls are “bad” but because I don’t care if YOU care about my life.

Because I do. I do care about my life.

And yes, Robert, you can continue to come by and visit and pop these silly little comments on my site (are you trying to be clever?) and each time I come across one my stomach will dip a little, but in the end, I will delete, and move on. And I will continue to write, what I WANT TO WRITE.

And as my story grows and changes, so will what interests me. And through that process I might lose a few readers, or gain a couple others, but I will still be writing, what I want to write.

And one day, I will probably stop writing, and that’s okay too. As long as I stop writing for my reasons, and not yours. Maybe one day I won’t want to write.

Because this whole thing, is for me, selfish as that may seem, and not for you to care about at all.

So, for all the bloggers out there sharing their stories, their thoughts and their lives. . . if you too have Roberts, I hope you brush them off just like I do, because while Robert may question the reason you write, I don’t.

Write because you want to write. . . write because it fills your soul, and makes you feel good.  Write just for yourself – because you are the one that matters

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