Wrapping up my Year of Simplify

8 months ago
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If you've been following along, you might remember that my Word for the year is Simplify. As the word says, I've devoted my year to letting go and releasing what no longer serves me well.

If  the discoveries I had this year only involved the things packed away in  boxes, this chosen word would have been so much more, well, Simple. But  alas, Simplifying one's life also involves digging into your beliefs,  your relationships, your goals.

And so it is with anything new that we choose to take on, we will be "forced" to discover things that we were not anticipating.

Adopting Courtney Carver's Project 333 helped me clear out my closet of clothing items that weren't really my  favourites. Perhaps, a little more difficult when you live in the  northern hemisphere where there are definitely four seasons. And for you  fellow Calgarians reading this, sometimes four seasons in one day!

Cleaning  out my closet, re-defining what I truly need, and giving thought to why  I bought that particular item (yes, sometimes I was sad, bored or  admittedly looking for the high of finding a prize.) Now, I have less  morning choices of what to wear and more mental (time and) ability for  more important decisions.

I spent time this year listening to more podcasts including those from the always informative and certainly entertaining the Minimalists,  they helped me re'assess the use of my time. Funny how fifteen minutes  listening in the staffroom, can have the ability to set the tone for the  day.

Once  again as we've often heard, surround yourself with like-minded people.  You will learn and grow together, there will always be folks who  disagree with you. It. Doesn't. Matter. Love these guys!

Treasure  and appreciate those you love. I have aimed to keep in better contact  with my most favourite people. They are my heroes.

Almost  all of them have been through some profound change this year. They have  continued to live with integrity, with gusto, with appreciation and  with humour. They have chosen to not let life get them down. How fortunate am I to have been reminded of that this year. This lovely, worthwhile article on relationships is a gentle reminder to all of us. We are the summation of the five people we spend our time with. We need to choose wisely.

As  I stop to think about how quickly this past year seems to have gone by,  I realize how much more I have learned. I hope that some of this  personal growth has in some way been passed on to you through my words.  Thank you for giving me the privilege of being a part of your life.

Now, my next goal is to identify what my next Word of the Year will be. Yes I am leaning to one in particular and you will see it announced here in time for the new year.

What choices did you make this year that set the tone for your year? (Tweet This)

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