Would You Guess This About Me?

6 years ago
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Suzie Ivy aka Bad Luck Detective threw the gauntlet down and challenged her BlogHer friends to share 10 things about themselves that others wouldn't know.  Since I'm a fairly private person, for someone so opinionated, there is a lot to choose from.

I've also been friends with Ms. Ivy for almost as long as I've been married (34 years last saturday), so I decided to skip my more obvious loves of books, dark chocolate, history, pixar animated movies, and rock and roll and go for the more obscure and see if I can surprise even her...

1)  I wanted to be a gypsy dancer when I was child, and a part of me still does.

2) I love the desert, but the heat gives me headaches and the dry air gives me nose bleeds.

3) I've posed with a male cover model (and so has Ms. Ivy, but not with the same one and not on the same night.)

4)  I once stabbed my eyeball with a stick while gardening and was fascinated to learn that eyeballs don't bleed much.

5)  I do my best thinking in the shower, but forget it by the time I get out.

6)  While camping on my honeymoon I watched a frustrated bear, clawing and banging away at our small, locking lid igloo cooler trying to get it open after it ate everything in our big cooler including a plastic encased summer sausage.  It was 2:00am in the morning, the bear was not even 3 feet away, there was only a screen netting over the open tailgate of our blazer and my husband slept beside me after assuring me it was just a cub.  It wasn't cub.  Which he would have known if he had seen it get up and amble away at 2:36am. 

7)  I once crab walked a glacier crevasse.

8)  I'm not competitive with others, but I love to challenge myself.

9)  I can't spell.  I'd be lost without my computer dictionary.

10)  Someday I may design the perfect vacuum out of frustration.

11)  I want to learn how to play the guitar.

12)  My favorite place to write is in bed or at the breakfast bar.  My desk is for paying bills.

13)  I hate dusting.

14)  I love animals to the point that I'd love a ham sandwich if it grew fur.   But not a spider.  (Sorry Suzie - Tabitha was beautiful and fascinating, but those pinchers just do me in...)

15)  I've hiked the Grand Canyon 3 times.  And plan to do a fourth.

16)  I got sent home from girl scouts for telling dirty jokes.

17)  I'm a writer that has to force herself to hit publish.

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