Work-Life Balance Roundup

6 years ago

This week we dive into the wide-world of work-life balance. To me the term is almost mythical. What is it really supposed to mean? A perfectly balanced life? That's like a perfectly done souffle or perfectly round and even homemade pie. I don't know about you, but those are few and far between (and often a fluke). Not to mention often the juice just isn't worth the squeeze (as an manager of mine used to say). Frankly I don't think balance will ever look like you think it should.

That said, we all continue to strive for it or at the very least bob and weave with the tides so that we don't find ourselves cruising through life and missing the entire thing.

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Today's roundup is a smorgasboard of work-life balance perspectives. The challenges and advice are different for different people -- parents, entrepreneurs, leaders, etc. As a result I tried to break this down with a little something for everyone...

For parents:
Blurring the Lines: Work/Life Balance
BlogHer-Motherly Love
Tips for work/life balance for parents.

Father of Five Talks about Work Life Balance
What about the Dad''s what one father has to say.

For Academics:
Can Academic Women Find Work-life balance?
BlogHer-Leslie Madsen Brooks
Is it possible to find a balance in academia?

For young professionals:
Is it Too Soon to Think About Work/Life Balance?
Lindsey Pollak
For young professionals trying to decide between shelving a personal life or striking a balance while starting out.

For entrepreneurs, freelancers, or people who work from home:
Entrepreneurs & work-life balance
Virgin Blog
Includes tool for finding out how much time you spend on various activities.

Why “Air Quotes” Drive Work Life Reform Back
Chrysula Winegar
A great piece on why those of us who work from home should never use the dreaded air quotes when talking about our work.

10 Tips for Balancing a Freelance Career with Your Life
BlogHer-Shannon Buck
How to make it all work when you're a freelancer.

For those who travel:
Can You Maintain Life Balance When Travelling for Work?
Life Compass Blog
A piece for those who travel for work and want to make the most of it.

Let me know what you think? Which areas would you like to see a more extended roundup feature? What are your experiences with the balancing act?

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