Work-Life Balance

4 years ago
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Ever thought about what your life would be like if you had balance? According to ABC News, The Hay Group a global consulting firm, conducted a study and found 39% of employees worldwide said they do not have it. What is that Work-Life Balance that we keep hearing so much about about? Work-Life Balance is a concept – splitting time and energy between work and other important aspects of people’s lives. It is a daily effort and process, making time for family, friends, community participation, spirituality, continuing education, family responsibilities and all other personal activities in addition to the workplace.
 How do we live a purposeful life with balance with all these demands?


Here are five first steps in the process…

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1. Redefine What Balance Is
For the sake of expectation setting, and being realistic, the definition of balance in this millenium must be cognitively redefined, examining what it is and to a large extent what it is not.
(a) It is not a straight line.
(b) There are ebbs and flows.
(c) It is uneven.
(d) It is fluid. There are moving parts. 

 2. Change Expectations
Let’s hit the reset button and understand that balance is about availability of time which could be different each day of the week. Expecting your time to be apportioned equally is a self-defeating process. There can be unforeseen surprises. Aspiring for work- life balance in great part means planning and budgeting your time at home and in the workplace.

3. Make A Daily Plan
(a) Get organized by making a plan. Planning is like building a house. Start with the foundation, then build from there.
(b) Your plan is constructed with line items for all that you need to do.
(c) Commit to your plan.
(d) Allow for flexibility.


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4. Time Management
(a) Understand how much time you need to fulfill your obligations.
(b Budget your time for all your tasks by assigning specific times for each line item in your plan.
(c) Create a realistic schedule.

5. Make Decisions with Intentions
Commitment to your action plan will pave the way for the start of fulfillment with Work-Life Balance.

Marcia Richman, CPC for T2B

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