WORDS, WORDS, WORDS.....The Power of Words...


I simply love WORDS.....because I think they hold so much Power......The power in the tongue....The power in both the spoken words and the written words.....Words are incredible....They can shape a person's life....and how those around them relate to them....all through the choice of their words....

I think Hypnosis is little more than the power of suggestion or Words.....From what I can tell there are always words associated with Hypnosis....so I simply like to call it the "Power of Suggestion...." because to me Hypnosis is little more than the power of words.....

Simply saying to someone "Gosh, you sure look nice today" can totally change their day and how they feel.....In the same way if one says "Gosh, that outfit looks crappy on you" is likely to cause the other person to run home and change clothes.....Our words do hold power....far more than we may ever even realize....

The Bible speaks of Words all the time.....The power in what we say....

I see so many people with unhappy lives that have no clue why they are so unhappy.....When I listen to how they speak and what they say I realize quickly....it comes down to the words they are choosing to say to themselves and to those around them.....

Our thoughts eventually come out in words and then actions....so starting with our inner thoughts is important. Keeping them positive....and yet "real..." Denying problems is not creating solutions.....That rarely works....but handling problems from a positive point of view and using the words to concur can be one of the best things a person can do to solving the problem and creating a wonderful life around them.

The words we say today can create our harvest tomorrow.....Consider choosing all words that are positive based for both your own life and towards those around you.......Rome was not built in a day as the saying goes and yet....word by word day by day....We can create the life of our dreams....Choose positive words.....

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