In the words of Donald Trump...

5 years ago
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Anne Kimball

Life on the Funny Farm

"You're fired!"

That's what I need to say to my good for nothin' chickens.
We've gone from feast to famine in the egg department.
Do you know I actually had to BUY eggs recently?
Chalk it up to the colder weather.
The shorter days.
The fact that they're no longer,
no, don't try to stop me, I have to say it...
"Spring chickens."
Are they going into "henopause?"
Oh lordy, I just slay me sometimes... Anyway, back to the serious business of my hens not feeding me. I didn't have this problem last winter, so I guess the age thing must be a factor.  They're only coming up on two years old, but for hens, that's enough to make production slow down.  I'm sure they'll pick back up again come spring, but sheesh, I'm still feeding them nearly a bag of feed a week and I'm gettin' squat in return.
Actually, I guess if they were squatting, I'd be getting eggs, so I'm NOT getting squat. 
This is kind of like how you can't say a vacuum sucks when it's not working right.