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9 years ago

This is a terrific, (mostly) sensible, hallelujah can I get a witness post with advice for women traveling solo. Road Junky, as usual, tells it like it is. For example, on bringing a journal:

So tell your journal all about the delicious club sandwich you had for lunch and spare your friends the boring stories.

I LOVE Road Junky, I think they're publishing some of the best travel narrative on the web. I don't love them easily, often I find I'm offended by their travelers' gonzo aesthetic. But I read through every time, even when I can't believe what the traveler is doing, because the writing on this site is primo.

Caitlin of Roaming Tales just returned from the Travelblog Camp in London - if you're a travelblogger, you'll know this as the event pulled together by Travel Rants Darren Cronian. Caitlin's write up is full of fantastic questions for travelbloggers to consider; a person could write entire essays in response.

The reason became clear on the night - it wasn’t just bloggers but also travel industry professionals and PRs who wanted to engage with bloggers and learn all about how they could be using social media in their own businesses. There were about 80 people in total ...[trimmed]... I mainly went for the networking opportunities but I actually really enjoyed the speeches - and surrounding debate - as well.

I'm so disappointed I couldn't be at this event - it sounds like there was great food for thought, excellent company, and opportunities to discuss the issues that we travelbloggers think about all the time.

On Vagabondish, Amanda Kendle writes about not planning your trip and how to do that.

So while for me, the most worthwhile kind of traveling doesn’t involve booking too many plane and train tickets or reserving accommodation ahead of time, there is still a fair bit of planning involved. If you’re leaning towards an unstructured, follow-your-nose kind of trip then here are the steps I recommend that you do actually plan before you go.

Weirdly, I find that I've become quite the planner - perhaps it's my inner guidebook writer or maybe I'm just controlling. But I am able to let go - if there's no deadline awaiting me - to take side roads and squander time in conversation with talky locals.

Finally, on the visual side, I found this breathtaking photo collage work. The series is called Postcards to My Future Self and they're layered images of postcard text and somewhat abstracted landscapes. They are spectacular - as is artist Linda Plaisted's other work. You might want to find your credit card before you click.

Pam blogs about travel and other adventures at Nerd's Eye View.

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