Women, Let's Stand Together, but Not in Five Inch Heels

5 years ago

Okay they make clever cute shoes these days, but come on, Ginger Rodgers danced with Fred Astaire in 3 inch heels (maybe less) and looked elegant and sexy. We went to our high school Prom in 3 inch heels and danced the night away, but still ended up in sock feet, and our dates didn’t care.

I have been astounded at the shoes I see and the women who walk in them. Even women who can handle walking on their toes, walk pitched forward in 5 inch heels, and to me, that doesn’t look graceful.

This morning I hit the limit. While waiting at the car repair shop for a new rear wheel ball bearing replacement—glad it was the car and not me, I caught up on my women’s/fashion magazines. And here’s the clincher: Sara Wexler wrote about a $1,200 treatment to inject the feet with Juvederm or Restylane. This adds padding to the feet, and in 4 to 5 days the precipitant of this treatment would be comfortably back in heels.

Bosses encourage women to wear these outrageous shoes, according to Wexler, and she told of attending a wedding where she kicked off her shoes and a woman came up to her, Honey, that is for the under 15 crowd, she pointed to the teen-aged girls, we’re all in pain.

Why do women stand for pain?

And some of the shoes I see lace up the calf so a woman couldn’t kick off her shoes and run if need be. This is handicapping women.  We used to be appalled at the Chinese practice of binding a baby girl’s feet so they would be in pain their entire lives, take cute mincing steps, and look appealing to men.

To top off the day I saw where the Republican party is hampering women’s rights—birth control and abortion for two.

What is this war on women?

And if there is any man not in favor of women’s rights—shame on you. Don’t you have a mother, a wife, a sister, or a girlfriend that you love, respect, or at least care a little about? What about a daughter for God’s sake?

And women? I just shake my head.

We are powerful. We do not have to bow to convention or coercement—that  would be akin to sexual harassment.

There is a war on women and I count myself as one who will not stand for it.

I know women have had a long history of being repressed of not feeling good enough, but listen to a grandma, you have courage and strength you haven’t even tapped yet.

I rushed home from the car repair, got the truck and took it to another repair shop to have a mouse nest removed for the heater/air-conditioner fan, and I felt that there was an artificial world on the edge of my reality. But then maybe the artificial world is what we believe from women’s magazines. It would appear that none of those gorgeous women ever had to remove a mouse nest from their car.

I looked down to my feet—cowboy boots. Thanks God for cowboy boots…They look good under pants, have good comfortable heels, and are the best for the feet according to one osteopathic doctor I am quoting from my childhood. (The arch support apparently.)

I wear a refined version of a cowboy boot, cut off at the ankle, and a more modified heel. Don’t know how these would pass in the board room, not well I don’t suppose.

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