Women of a Certain Age-Do We Disappear?

5 years ago

The first time I heard the point of view that women disappear after a certain age I was in my late 20’s.  I thought it sounded shocking, Am I going to disappear in my 40’s? I asked myself. Now I’m in my late 40’s and when a young man in his 20’s gives me a woo-hoo, I’m not sure if it’s sarcasm or if I should be flattered.  But then I remind myself, it really doesn’t matter.

There is a kernel of truth to this idea that we disappear as we age.  Even if you look at the famous Hollywood and beauty icons, they are often idolized after their death which may have been at a young age or in their younger years, if the former were not true.  For example, on Pinterest rarely do you see a picture of Elizabeth Taylor in her 60’s rather, all the pictures you will see of her are when she was in her 20’s and 30’s.  Yet, she lived to celebrate her 79th birthday, we simply don’t see as many photos of her later in life. I also see a lot of worship for female rockers such as Deborah Harry, Pat Benatar,  Joan Jett and Chrissy Hind to name a few.  All of their pictures we see on Pinterest again, are from when they were in their 20’s yet most of them are still making music. Why is their beauty not being displayed along with their new accomplishments?  There is your kernel of truth.

On the other hand, we could list names of aging beauties in Hollywood and in the fashion scene who can still steal the show in their 60’s and 70’s. Proof that age makes no difference to one’s ability to shine.  I prefer to take that point of view after all, if we are to believe we disappear as we age isn’t that placing 100% of our value on our physicality?  We have so much to offer and this becomes more abundant with the years.  To buy into this belief that we are disappearing as we age is out dated and patriarchal.  If we are only to rely on how others, specifically males, view us and notice us then we are doomed to go unnoticed.  But if we get up every morning to accomplish something we value and feel beautiful while we’re doing it then we will shine eternally in our own spotlight.  Isn’t that all that matters in the end?  How we feel about ourselves, not how does that man value or not value us? At this stage of our lives, we are someone’s mother, grandmother, aunt or great aunt or simply a role model for younger women:  a place of honor on this earth and hardly invisible!

Although there is a kernel of truth to this statement that “Women of a certain age disappear”, there is a far greater truth in saying “Women of a certain age shine”.  On that note, have no fear in celebrating another birthday.  Here is an inspiring video clip "Advanced Style" . These terrific and highly visible ladies' offer excellent advice.


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