Without You... I Would Have Not Grown

5 years ago

Depending on which blog you read, it will probably come to no surprise to my readers that I am convinced that all things, even the worst possible moments held the greatest of gifts.  Same with teachers…   stepping up to the task of teaching, mostly by their works and leading me to an understanding that I could make my own choices based on my own beliefs.  I would like to mention them in this blog not in order of importance because they were all important but simply when and how they came in as teachers.

My thanks to Marsha Rashotte of Alaska who not only introduced me to the ‘New Age’ section at Waldenbooks but encouraged the reading of Louise Hay.   I thank the Universe for the dream of all dreams that showed clearly that there was something ‘else’.  Thank you, Dr. Michal Laz.  Wherever you are, I want you to know that it was your support and encouragement that gave me the ‘knowing’ that I could leave Jehovah’s Witnesses.  I still have all the books that you recommended and with purpose you said “Find your own truth” and to remember “That the only thing for sure is that nothing is for sure”.   Thank you, Donna Rice for teaching me that the energy I saw was not my enemy but my friend and it was to be embraced.  My thanks to Brian Todd because you taught me and with your help I learned that I no longer needed to follow ‘their’ rules.  You protected me when I wasn’t strong enough to protect myself.  Heartfelt thanks go to Mel and May Anne Todd for being the family I had lost long before I met their son.  What can I say, Nancy?  You will always be a sister to me.  Always!  Carolyn Germane Canoy, my very first therapist who became a good friend.  You, my dear friend knew what I needed before I did.  You included Sarah and me at your Thanksgiving dinner when Sarah and I didn’t have a clue about much of anything.  We had our adventures… garage sale (poor Dave), star gazing up on the hill and other assorted trips.  You taught me how to meditate and breathe from the belly.  Knowing you, Carolyn led me to the modality of Hypnotherapy.  Through you came introductions to Sharon Roemmel , Catherine Jacquith, Rebecca Wood  many other likeminded women.  All of whom I value and am grateful to know.   Thanks to Katheryn Fornell Haines who facilitated the best Dream Group ever…  To my fellow dreamers, Emily, Nadine, and Peggy; thank you for sharing your dreams and your insights.  My dear friend, Katheryn.  As you say, “We sure do have our metaphorical tornados.”  We have laughed, cried and shared together.  I have learned much from you and it is without a doubt that I know that you are truly a gift.  To my dear friend, Carolyn Uplegger, I have such a soft spot for you.  We have discussed much and examined more and all over our Sunday night dinners.  Thank you, Gordon Fultz for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime even though I must of looked like a nut.  It was through working as your assistant in your classes that I learned the most about myself.  Your trust and faith in my ability to perform was valued.  Your bottom lines are etched in my heart and have led to much greater things.  Thank you, Albert Southern for seeing me through Geico and LOST.  I am grateful for Suzan Iscil who has never lost faith in my ability to heal.  You lend meaning and order to my chaotic thoughts.  Most of all, my children.  Meghan, Nate and Sarah.  You are the ‘gems’ of my life.  Your well-being was my motivation even though at times it was misguided.  It has been a long journey for us all and we have farther to go but to know you is to know the meaning of family.  Thank you for your love and caring. 

One of my friends read this before I posted and said “Don’t you think you are getting a little carried away with yourself?”  Well…carried away with myself is what I usually do and I am okay with that!


Susan Banner Todd

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