The Wisdom of Two Year Olds

4 years ago

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Getting shorts on this boy was so dramatic! He thought they were "broken" pants. #2yearold

Hey, hey, it’s FRIDAY! I hope you all are gearing up for a fun weekend, and if you celebrate Easter, I hope you get lots of pink jellybeans in your basket (they’re the best kind, in my opinion). We are getting ready to head back to the farm to spend the weekend with family, but I wanted to share a quick story before I go. As you all know, this week the Supreme Court is hearing a case that might help decide the future of marriage equality in this country. If you know me at all (or have been reading this blog for any sort of time), you know I’m a huge supporter of marriage equality and equality in general. I was raised to believe that people can love whoever the heck they want, and I’m raising my kids with the same lessons. In fact, Lucy has several friends with same sex parents and doesn’t understand what all the hoopla is about some people not wanting same sex couples to be married. Tate is still a little young to understand any of this…I mean, his greatest concern in life is whether or not his Thomas the Train is within two inches of him at all times….so we haven’t yet spoken to him about equality or government or anything that doesn’t directly relate to said train or the amount of macaroni he must eat before he has a cookie.

Today Tate and I were out to lunch when he started up with his adorable two-year-old antics. He started pointing at the other people in the restaurant and LOUDLY telling me all about them.

“Mama! That girl has macaroni too!”

“Mama, they lookin’ at me!”

“Mama eat noodles?”

“That boy wear a red hat!”

Et cetera and so on…you get the gist. A few tables over there were two 30-something men with their little baby, having a nice little lunch. Tate looked at them and screamed “TWO DADDIES! TWO!!!” while pointing at their table. I looked at him and said, “Yup, they have two daddies.” Tate immediately started laughing and cheering, “YAY!!! TWO DADDIES! YAAAAYYYYY!!!” He was so happy and excited that that little baby had two daddies, it made every inch of my body beam with pride. The two men looked over, laughed, smiled and waved at Tate, who clearly thought they were rock stars. I mean, how lucky is that family? They get TWO DADDIES!

I hope someday everyone can be as open and accepting as my crazy Tater. We could all learn quite a bit from wise, little two-year-olds….


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