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Some people seem so serious all the time that I simply want to say "SOFTEN UP...." Sometimes allowing our softer side to shine in life can be exactly what we need to do....



I am not sure why everyone is worried about being LIKED….I love being liked but I simply don’t worry about it….If people are smart they will like me….and if they don’t I figure they aren’t very bright……So for those reasons I don’t worry about being liked.

When we worry about being liked we can end up doing some of the stupidest things to impress others and that only makes us look foolish. The best way is to allow others to get to know us, pursue us, and in turn value our friendship…..Being our best self will automatically draw in the best people anyways….and push away most of the wrong people….

Simply put, be busy being your best you and you won’t have to worry about impressing anyone…They will automatically be impressed with who you are….



I have heard some say blogging is like therapy for them. They can express their feelings on paper or in word form for others to see and reflect back to them. I guess to a degree that can be true for most of us…and yet, my therapy in life is simply to live my best life and to enjoy…..And yet, I love to blog…

I am a writer, painter, Mother, and so much more…..I simply love to share my wit, wisdom, and common sense with others….and I like reading what they have to say….After all we learn from each other….So why do I like to blog?

I think there are a whole list of reasons why I love to blog….I probably am not even aware of them all….Whether I am writing or blogging it is all fun to me….and after all….Life is meant to be Fun…




Some people are simply on the “go” constantly never seeming to slow down at all….I am not sure if it is all that important or is simply self-generated to avoid dealing with deeper issues….People who simply are constantly on the go seem to me to have something that is not “leaning right….” I feel in a sense being too busy in life consistently day in and day out reflects a life that is not in full harmony…

In order to do well in life we have to rest….We can’t be in constant motion and rushing from one thing to the other….Taking time to slow down is often a key to achieving more in life….of the right things….Filling one’s life up with endless running is likely just going to wear the person out eventually….

Taking the time in life to “smell the roses” all along the way in life's journey can be one of the best things we can do for ourselves and for our relationships….



Many people have simply built their lives in a muck that is anything but where they want to be. Many are not even sure how they got there…..Many are not sure why they are even staying there….but many still remain….in the CESSPOOLS of life…..

How does one get from the cesspool to the swimming pool of life…..Well, for each his own way….but it starts with recognizing where one no longer wants to be in life and to where one wants to ultimately be in life. That recognition is essential to create a map to getting “there…”

Living one’s life in jobs they dislike consistently, relationships one knows will never improve, places that are anywhere but where one wants to be, or any other area of great dissatisfaction that is unlikely to change will not bring about happiness…..Knowing where we belong in life and seeking it out is key to a happy life….Remaining where one should not be will create disharmony and discord in one’s life….

Life is not meant to be lived in a cesspool….So consider taking the jump….into a wonderful clean, clear, and sparkling swimming pool of life….,



TAKING THE PRESSURE OFF…..The Pressure cooker….

People tend to put such pressure in relationships that at times relationships can seem like a pressure cooker more so than a relationship. Sometimes we simply have to take off the pressure of our demands from a relationship in order to restore harmony…

None of us like to be pressured….Pressure tends to be a negative in a relationship. Yes, there are times that there are good pressure…but those times are more the exception than the rule….Most pressure is trying to get someone to do something they don’t want and in most cases that simply doesn’t work…or if it does it meets with resentment…

Often relieving the pressure in a relationship allowing others to simply be who they are and go in the direction they feel is right can be a good thing….It all depends on the situation of course…..If it is simply a choice between vanilla or strawberry ice-cream the choice should be theirs….If it is a choice that directly affects your life or someone you love then perhaps one has to stand the line on what is right in their minds….

Knowing when to take the pressure off is key…..to successful relationships. Knowing when there should be a degree of pressure is wise and yet one must be smart about pressure because the wrong pressure or too much pressure can ruin the best of everything….

Overall the less pressure the better in most cases….Consider leaving some of the pressure off your relationships and you may find they work a lot better in the longrun…



Sometimes we know that we are right and what we are saying is right and yet the person we are telling it to simply does not want to listen……We can become frustrated because we know we are right…..

When this happens we simply have to look at the overall situation…..Does it affect us in anyway?….If it doesn’t and there is no real danger most often it is best to simply let the person make their own decision….So much of life is about decisions and people have to ultimately make their own…..We can’t always make other people’s decisions for them even when we think we are right….

Sometimes people don’t want to listen to reasoning, common sense, or simply from someone they love….That is the nature of some relationships….Even people who do listen may make a different choice…..As the saying goes “To Each his Own….We tried….”



I simply see some people making the same old decisions and remaining stuck in a endless cycle of going in circles in life….They seem to get nowhere or simply seem to be in a downward spiral……Some people simply knowingly make decisions they know are not in their best interests and do not want to do the work to get out of them….They simply take the “lazy” way out….

When people choose to be stuck in life it almost always is not our responsibility.When they make the change they say  they wanted to make it is almost always because they truly wanted to make it not because we wanted them to…..People must make their own life decisions and it is up to them whether they stay stuck or unstuck…..

Encouragement has a lot of power….but only to those who want to listen….



I talk a lot about places and knowing where we belong and don’t belong….I love the idea of places…..So many people end up in the wrong places due to wrong discernment or choices…..Whether it is the town we live in, the neighborhood, the job we work, the church we go, or even the restaurant we often eat at…..they are all places…and places do have an impact upon our lives….

Discerning what places are right for our lives and which are not is key to how our lives turn out. If we plant ourselves in the wrong environments long term we will not be happy….Things will not flow as they are meant to flow. When we are in the right places things will flow and open up automatically as they should with little effort on our parts in most cases….

Discerning our small and big choices when it comes to environments is key to living a life lived in harmony….