Winding Down March

Wow, I feel quite a sense of accomplishment. I got the pantry mostly cleaned out and straightened up. The things I use once a year that I need a ladder for are on the top shelf. The crockpots are finally on a lower "appliance" shelf. Thank goodness, I was really afraid I was going to drop one of them on my head. Either one would kill me, the 4 quart or the 8 quart. So yeah, now they are safely within reach!

So far, March has been pretty productive! Here's my list from Denise's to-do column:

1. Clean and organize the pantry

2. Take a photo every day with the DSLR

3. Read a chapter a week of the manual for the Nikon d800

4. Ship the box of purses to Martha

5. Go through my golf clothes in the spare bedroom and donate stuff (hasn't been worn in at least 3 years)

6. Hang up the basket I made 30 years ago that my mom sent me.

7. Gather up boxes for the lenses I'm going to sell on Ebay

8. List lenses and camera bags on Ebay

9. Plan a getaway for Michael's birthday in April

10. Get my teeth cleaned

The pantry was a 2 day deal, but it's done. Mostly everything is clean, except the top shelves. They need dusted. But no one can see that dust, so there's no rush. I'll probably finish tomorrow. 

So without further ado, here's my 12 for 12 list. I want to send March packing properly. I am sure hoping for some lamb type weather to welcome April. I'm going to accomplish these things. 

Two things I'm going to do every day for 12 days. 

Write, even if it's just a blurb, and take photos.
  1. Read ONE chapter of the Nikon manual
  2. Gather up boxes for lenses
  3. List lenses on ebay
  4. Order spiral stick tree
  5. Get my teeth cleaned
  6. Scan my books into goodreads
    upstairs bookshelf
    downstairs shelf
  7. Make a rough design for new perennial garden
  8. Spend one hour, one day with the d800
  9. Write that post about meeting Michael on Golf Chat
  10. Go through golf clothes

  11. Take shoes to Goodwill

  12. Take craft crap downstairs

update: March 29th. I've not got much done!! 

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