Will You Walk Through This Door?

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The Room of Grace is a safe place. It's the place you go to take off all your masks and be yourself. As you walk through this door you know everyone accepts you even if you have visible flaws and if you are hiding invisible flaws you're free to talk about them. As a matter of fact the people there encourage you to talk about it. Then as you release your 'stuff' more masks fall away.


 This Room of Grace holds the key to your true identity. God lives here. He's always been here loving and forgiving, holding out His hands to all who will take them. His light shines brightly in the room and yours does too because as His child you feel free with Him. You aren't perfect and He knows it but His love is never affected by your imperfections. You never have to hide in shame from God or the people in the Room of Grace.


 There is another room the Room of Good Intentions. In this room you are encouraged to wear a mask every day. If you even think of divulging your sin you know you will be judged by the people here. In your imagination you think God will condemn you too. So a "perfect" person submerges. Perfect on the outside but suffering of guilt, shame, loss of identity, pain, and hurt on the inside. You have to "pretend" a lot when you live in this room. You can never be who you were created to be because it's all about performing for everyone. Performing for your husband, kids, church family, co-workers, friends, and all the time being someone you don't really want to be.


 Maybe you have some fear about opening the door to the Room of Grace. Don’t be afraid just go on in, there’s at least one friend waiting there. Yes there’s probably someone you know already in that room. She/he is ready and waiting to help you along. Waiting to listen, to love and to accept you right where you are right now at this time and place in your life. Its God extended through flesh and blood.


Maybe what you're reading right now has struck a chord and you realize you are living in the Room of Good Intentions. Isn't it time to be YOU, the one you were created to be? 


 Which room do you live in The Room of Grace or The Room of Good Intentions? If you aren't able to live as YOU then you are in the wrong room.

 Julie Moore blogs at http://www.picsprayerspompoms.blogspot.com

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