Will You Be Watching Season 2 of TLC's Extreme Couponing?

6 years ago

Yippee, it's back! Season Two of TLC's Extreme Couponing is back and it's as extreme as ever ... maybe even more extreme than ever, based on this clip from the first episode airing on September 28 at 10pm ET.

Without this show, I probably never would have jumped into the world of couponing so I'm thankful -- even if the shopping trips on the show look very little like my own couponing excursions.

Here's what their shopping trips and my shopping trips have in common:

  1. We use coupons.

  2. ....

Seriously. I've never gone into a store and purchased 50 packages or bottles of anything, and I never will. That's not how I shop because it isn't necessary to shop that way.

I have a stockpile room but I don't have THAT much of a stockpile, because it isn't necessary to have that much of a stockpile.

This show about extreme couponers with a heavy focus on the extreme. Keep that in mind as you watch the show and take a peek at what Tiffany from My Litter has to say about the show, based on her appearance last season: Extreme Couponing: How to Do It the Right Way:

Here are a few of my observations from the show: Every person on the show said, “This is my biggest trip ever!” Yes, because you were on T.V. and they pushed you to have it that big! People used catalina’s to pay down their total, that cost wasn’t added in, they used perscription transfers to pay it down, they had 100 of each coupon, the cost of buying coupons was not added in, and so on. There were so many additional costs that most “non-couponers” don’t really know about that they got an unrealistic image of how to “Extreme Coupon.”

I'd also like to recommend you check out posts from these coupon bloggers to get some idea of what couponing really is.

Grocery Shopping Guide shared these Lessons Learned from Extreme Couponing, and they are great lessons.

You don’t have to extreme coupon to save money: Coupons are only one part of the overall strategy when it comes to extreme couponing. If you’re the type of person that hates coupons (I am certainly one of those people), you can still save a ton of money when shopping even if you never use a coupon. The key is that you have to change the way that you plan your meals. If you can change from deciding what you want to eat each night and going to the grocery store to buy the ingredients needed for that meal to creating your meals from what you have on hand in your pantry and, you have won 90% of the battle grocery savings battle. This change allows you to purchase only the best deals each week and can save you a ton of money while never having to clip a coupon.

From Five Minutes for Mom, Realistic Couponing: Extreme Couponing the Right Way

Expect Realistic Savings. If you listen carefully, most of the guests featured on Extreme Couponing say, “This is the best I’ve ever done!” Why? Well, stores have waived their coupon policies for the show’s guest. Plus, for the show, guests make sure to gather extra coupons by purchasing more newspapers than typical and buying coupons online. And, finally, the show makes sure to wait for a great deal to make sure the trip will be impressive. They may purchase $1,000 of groceries for $10, but is this what you should expect? No. When done right, you’ll save an average of 50%-60% on your grocery trips. Some times more. Sometimes less.

From Living Well, Spending Less, Extreme Couponing for Normal People:

Lots of us have already figured out that using coupons is an awesome way to save money for your family, especially on those things you have to buy -– food, toiletries, diapers -– whether you feel like it or not. It is just a smarter way to shop.

I'll be watching season two of Extreme Couponing and I'll be live Chattering/Tweeting the show. Join me -- I'll point out tips that will help you save money and point out things that might not work for you during a normal coupon shopping trip.

If you want to start couponing and don't know where to start, leave a comment below telling me which stores you like to shop at and the region you live in. I'll share some resources that will help you get started.

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