Why Your Blog Needs Google+

3 years ago

Today I’m writing about my favorite new technology–Google Plus–and why your blog needs it!

You’re probably thinking, Google Plus, is she for real? And the answer is yes, yes I am for real. For two reasons. Google Plus is a great way to get noticed on Google’s search engine and it’s a smaller forum to connect with others bloggers like you. 

Let me elaborate.

First, the search engine magic that is Google+.

When I began blogging, I was told it would take months for my page to make it onto the first page of Google search results. So I really didn’t expect much. But using Google Plus is like buying an SEO FastPass–no need to wait, you can skip the line and walk right through! My site has been active for a littlw over a month and it is already the first hit when you search for “Twenties Chic!” What else comes up? Google Plus content.

That’s amazing in and of itself, but as an added bonus Google Plus offers authorship, where they identify you with your writing. Meaning your work shows up in search results with your profile picture next to it! Like this:


It’s no surprise audiences have been shown more likely to click on articles with pictures than articles without pictures. Google gives your posts VIP treatment just for posting on their site. No need to buy ads, boosts, or pay for anything!

Another part of the VIP package is quick indexing of your new material. Before, you’d have to wait for the web robots to crawl through your site index and find your now posts. Google Plus expedites that whole process. FastPass baby!

Finally, Google Plus gives back. Help it help you! Link your other social media accounts to Google Plus and see how quickly those get indexed and bumped up in search results too.

Now, on to my second point, the ability to connect with others on Google Plus.

A lot of successful small businesses and business owners are swamped with comments on their other sites. Not a problem with Google Plus--not as many people are on there so you have a better chance of connecting directly with the author of a post. This allows you to network and meet others like you, which in turn grows your business.

Google Plus also has communities, kind of like Facebook groups, that you can participate in as a blog, something Facebook doesn't always allow. The communities are small too, so there is plenty of opportunity for communication and feedback. At the very least, it’s a good way to get your blog out to new audiences who would never have stumbled across it otherwise. That’s called building traffic for your site, and that’s always good thing!

So if you’re a blogger or marketing online on any social media platform, make sure to also post on Google Plus. Don’t miss out!






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