Why You'll Find Me on Instagram and Google+ - NOT Facebook

4 years ago

Being a full time working mom, AND a blogger, I have fairly limited time. And spending my time on Facebook has had me more and more frustrated lately. Not so much on my personal page, which I actually spend a pretty limited amount of time on. But the time I’ve been spending on the Structure in an Unstructured Life Facebook page, has completely sapped it of any kind of enjoyment it once had. Don’t get me wrong – there are people who like and comment on my Facebook posts fairly regularly and I love to see that. However, the time I spend on it is no longer bringing me the return on investment I need to justify it. 

The point of my creating a Facebook page for my blog was to reach more people. Connect with people who would enjoy reading what I wrote, and let them know there were new posts, as well as interact with them and build relationships outside of just the blog. The problem is, I can no longer do this on Facebook. With the new Facebook guidelines and operations, less than 10% of the people who have liked my page, ever see my posts. So I spend between 2 and 3 hours a week (sometimes more) scheduling posts, writing posts, and interacting with posts on Facebook, for very few people to ever see them and even fewer to actually click through to my blog from Facebook.

I read a lot about social media – strategies, tips, trends – to both help me with promoting my blog and to build a freelance social media management business. And as I recommended Facebook strategies to a social media client the other day, it just didn’t feel right. I thought about that, and I realized it was because Facebook just doesn’t help bloggers and small businesses anymore. My number of readers coming to my blog from Facebook has been shrinking each month. The number of people who see my posts has significantly decreased. So I turned to my Facebook insights and became almost obsessed with the numbers. Creating spreadsheets with reach and engagement data, enlisting the help of my data-analyzing sister-in-law to help me crack the data code. Studying times people are active and types of posts they are engaging with and likes versus shares on pictures versus text. Do you know what I figured out? Nothing. Other than Facebook kind of sucks.

Facebook is great for finding out what friends and family are up to. It’s awesome for seeing pictures of my friends’ kids and their new homes and their vacations. I love sharing cute pictures of my kids and revealing our new puppy to my family and friends. I smile when I like a status that someone got a new job or is having a baby. But beyond this personal use, Facebook sucks. I no longer look to Facebook to find out what my fellow blogger friends are posting, because I usually don’t see their posts. So I look for them on bloglovin’, or Twitter, or Google+, or Instagram. And as I ranted above, I certainly can’t rely on Facebook to help people find my blog posts. 

So while I am not making a clean break from Facebook, I am no longer focusing on it. I will still post about what’s on my blog, and I will certainly interact with anyone over there. But I’m not going to spend the crazy amount of time I have been spending trying to build a community there. If I’m going to spend that kind of time somewhere, I need to be getting more out of the relationship than I do with Facebook. So where can you find me? Good question…

Instagram. I have been loving Instagram more and more lately. Not only do I get to see a more personal side to friends and bloggers through the pictures they take, but I can like and comment over there just like on Facebook. So I plan to spend more time there. Please follow me – I would love it!

Google+. I have been simply using Google+ to share links to my blog posts, mostly for the search engine positives Google bestows on it’s users. But I have been realizing I can see new posts from my favorite bloggers over there much easier than on Facebook. And here’s a crazy idea – people actually see what I post there! If you hang out at Google, you can add me to your circles on Google+!

Pinterest. While there is much less interaction on Pinterest, I will still be posting and pinning over there. I love the traffic I get on the blog from Pinterest, and I find a lot of great content I’d love to share with people. Feel free to check out my boards and follow along with me there!

Twitter. While I don’t plan to do much more than I have been on Twitter, I am over there. And who knows, maybe with the decrease in Facebook time I will be able to increase my Twitter time. See what I’m tweeting and chat with me there!

Bloglovin’If you are an avid blog reader, Bloglovin’ is fantastic. I switched over there after Google discontinued their feed reader. You can follow all the blogs you love and have their new posts in one simple feed. You canfollow me over there as well!

Email. Yep – you can have me delivered right to your email inbox. Just simply sign up in the box over there on the right, and viola – new posts sent right to your inbox! I rarely post more than once a day (unless I get really behind), and usually only about four or five posts a week. No cluttering up your inbox – I promise! It’s easy tosubscribe to the blog via email!

If you follow me on Facebook, I hope you don’t feel deserted. I truly appreciate the support and encouragement I have received from all of you, especially the folks who frequently like, comment, and share my Facebook posts. Really, it’s not you, it’s Facebook. 

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