Why You Should Not Buy Fake Instagram Followers

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We all know that, strictly speaking, you should never buy Instagram followers at all, but we also all know that an account with a large number of real followers is likely to attract more real followers, so what are we supposed to do?
It’s no big secret that you can buy Instagram followers on websites like Fiverr.com, but there is a huge difference between buying cheap fake Instagram followers and buying real Instagram followers.
So, if you have ever been tempted to buy Instagram followers, here is what you need to know about difference between buying real and fake Instagram followers.
What are fake Instagram followers?
Fake Instagram followers are accounts that have been set up solely for the purpose of selling fake followers. They will have been set up with false email addresses and they will have no real human being behind the account at all.
Fake Instagram accounts usually have no profile picture
The first indication that an Instagram follower is a fake account is that it won’t have a profile picture. An account without a profile picture could be genuine, but if you see an account that has thousands of followers who don’t have a profile picture, there is a good chance that many of those followers are fake accounts.
Fake Instagram accounts usually follow a lot more people than follow them
You can also spot a fake account in Instagram by looking at the ratio of people they follow to the people who follow them. A fake account will be following many people, but it will only have a few people following that account.
Fake Instagram accounts usually have low or no engagement
Because there is not a real person behind a fake Instagram account there won’t be any real engagement with other users. There will be only a very limited number of likes and comments and there will be very little content posted on the fake account, if any at all.
Fake followers don’t benefit your brand
The reasons why you shouldn’t buy fake followers are quite simple and the first reason is that fake followers don’t bring you any real benefit. They aren’t real people, they won’t buy anything from you, and they won’t interact with your content.
Fake followers could get your account banned
The biggest reason of all not to buy fake Instagram followers is that the practice could get your account permanently banned. As mentioned above, fake accounts are not very difficult to spot and, every so often, Instagram do a purge of fake accounts and a purge of the accounts that have bought fake followers.
Fake followers can put real followers off
The other thing to bear in mind about the difference between buying real Instagram followers and buying fake followers for Instagram is that lots of fake followers will just put real people off following your account.
If you want to buy Instagram followers; buy real Instagram followers
If you want to increase your followers on Instagram and you want real Instagram followers, you can buy followers on an Instagram follower exchange site. Sites like these promote your Instagram account to other Instagram users and that will gain you real Instagram followers, not the fake ones that use bots to do the following. So, if you want to increase your Instagram followers and you don’t want to risk to buying fake followers, here’s a good example of a website where you can buy real Instagram followers safely.
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