Why You Should Cross-Post on BlogHer

6 years ago

Many bloggers dream about a fellow blogger with a much larger amount of traffic and authority on Google linking to their blog. Not only would new people find your writing, but it would raise your blog in status insofar as the Google game is concerned, getting it closer to front page search results. There is a way -- 100% in your control -- to make this happen; to make a bigger site with more traffic link to you.

Cross-post on BlogHer.

See, it's that simple. No one knows exactly how the Google algorithm works -- it's a closely guarded secret -- but what we do know is that the more sites that link to yours (especially sites with authority), the more Google knows that your site is a legitimate one worth noticing.

Everyone can cross-post on BlogHer; there is even a great online tutorial on how to upload your posts. By filling out your profile with a link to your personal blog and creating a brief signature at the end of your post, you are getting a link to your site from BlogHer. In other words, cross-posting can't hurt, and it might actually help.

Beyond what it does for Google, it does two additional things immediately for you: (1) it gets new eyes to find your blog and (2) the member feed is where I go to find posts to feature during NaBloPoMo.

Cross-posting is a great way for new people to find your blog. People immediately get a sense of your writing style and will often follow you back to your original site in order to keep reading more. It's a similar idea to guest posting, but again, it's completely in your control. You don't need to wait for a site with more authority or more traffic to ask you to write something for their audience. Just cross-post on BlogHer.

The member feed is a great way to keep up and support your fellow NaBloPoMo'ers, but it's also the way I find people to feature. You know those featured NaBloPoMo posts that end up on the front page of the NaBloPoMo section and are given some extra social media love? That's the only place I grab them from. So cross-post so I can feature you.

Any questions about cross-posting on BlogHer not answered in the tutorial or this post?

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Melissa writes Stirrup Queens and Lost and Found. Her novel about blogging is Life from Scratch.

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