Why You Need a Graphic Designer to Design Your Logos for You

10 months ago
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Whether you need a logo for a corporate brand, or you just need a logo to use as a favicon on your blog and social media accounts, it is well worth paying the money to have a logo designed for you professionally. A logo says everything about you and your brand and people can be instantly put off a product, a service, or a website, by just that that tiny little logo alone.  So, if you thought you could knock up a decent looking logo yourself in Word or in Paint, check out these reasons why it would be well worth investing in employing the services of a professional graphic designer to design your logos for you.
You don’t have the right software
You can use software applications like Microsoft Word and Paint to create logos, but the problem is, your logo will look it was created in Word or Paint. The pros will have the proper graphic design software, which will give them a lot more flexibility when they are creating your logo for you. Even if you do have the creativity to design a unique and stunning logo, you will still be very limited in what you can do, by the software that you have.
A professional designer will have the artistic flair
Pretty much anyone can create some kind of logo with the tools they already have on their laptop, but there is a lot more to creating stunning imagery than you might have thought. Take the main image on this post, for example. That image was created by a graphic designer Ana, who I found on Twitter a couple of weeks ago. I know that I wouldn’t have a clue where to even start creating an image like that! It is the imagination and the creativity of an artist that lies behind images of that quality, and that’s something most of use simply don’t have.
Not everyone can be a designer
Another good reason to get a pro to design your logo is that we are simply not all cut out to be designers. There really is quite an art to encapsulating the whole ethos of a brand in one little logo and, if you don’t do it every day, you probably won’t be able to a great job without spending hours and hours on it. Those are hours that you could most likely use far more productively running your business, so why do it yourself, when someone else can do the job better for you!
A graphic designer can turn your ideas into reality
You know your business inside out, but can you put all that you know about your business into one single graphic? A good graphic designer will be led by you and will then turn your ideas into reality in the form of a logo.
It’s an investment in the image of your brand
You spend a lot of time building a brand, so don’t blow with a less than perfect logo. If you are a business, your logo will appear on your website, your business cards, on your Facebook page and on every piece of correspondence that you send out to your customers. That’s why it really is worth spending time and a little bit of money getting your logo just right.
Why You Need a Graphic Designer to Design Your Logos for You
No one is saying that you have to get a graphic designer to design your logo for you, and many people don’t, but you can usually tell the difference between a logo that has been designed by a pro and logo that has been designed DIY style.
If you want to see what professionally designed logos look like, take a look at some of the amazing designs created by Ana, the professional logo designer that I mentioned earlier who created the main image on this post. With her imagination and creativity, you can see why I think that you should always get a graphic designer to design your logos for you.