Why Women Struggle as Business Women

5 years ago

Why Do Women Struggle as Business Owners?

As a woman business owner myself I see 3 main reasons that we struggle.

  • Manager mindset – we think that we are responsible for everything and that we need to be involved in every project, task, etc.  A classic example of this is a colleague who does copywriting; she decided to work on her website and spent part of the summer doing it until she it became obvious to her that it is too hard to do.
  • Perfectionists – this absolutely drives my Son bonkers to the point that he now balks if I have to consult him for a technology project (they are geniuses at this). He knows I will nag him to death about details and will critique the work to no end.
  • ‘No Fail’ Belief – we believe that we are perfect beings (I do believe I was created as such, but has since then messed it up) and so we think that failure is not in our vocabulary. We need to stop feeling guilty and beating ourselves up for our shortcomings.

This is not to say that these traits are flaws; in fact they are part of our strong points and serve us well if employed with common sense. How do we do that?

  • Replace the ‘Manager’ mindset with team concept. Identify the most important tasks or projects that will bring the results we want and focus on those. Everything else can be delegated or outsourced. Find people in Fiverr for tasks that can be done for $5.00
  • Good enough is okay – Dan Kennedy, the Marketing Guru said:  ‘work that is good enough is good enough to start with’ especially when it comes to marketing. ‘Perfect’ takes too much time and effort; do you need clients now or later?
  • Failures are only failures if viewed as such. I have finally learned that they are and can be stepping stones to the next level. They teach us lessons and are instrumental to our success.

The past 3 years as an entrepreneur have not been easy; the road has been bumpy at times and sometimes just plain painful. However, I look at myself and marvel at how much I’ve changed – I am happier and wiser and feel that I am at the right place, at the right time and the right people.

As a business owner I have learned to stop behaving like an ‘island’ and a ‘perfectionist’. And, I have learned to accept and look at failures in a different light. It is my hope that you will too!

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