Why the one in the middle always gets the finger

4 years ago

This is day four of BlogShortsa short-story writing challenge. Ten days, ten short stories, 110 words.  This year, we're writing to the theme: The Dog Days of Summer. Flea collars are optional. -BD

Why the one in the middle always gets the finger
by blogdramedy

“Light. Out. NOW. I’m sleeping!” TwoFluffy jerked the Garfield comforter up in frustration.

OneFluffy flicked cat from his teeth and pawed his stone. He cranked the volume on The Walking Dead. “I auditioned and casting said I lacked definition. Should I get an ass implant?”

“If you don’t stop caressing that stone, you’ll have something IN your ass.” ThreeFluffy shifted closer to the center.

“How about a tail extension...something with curl. That conditioner...”

“ENOUGH! Turn it off, shut up and stay on your sides of the bed.”

ThreeFluffy shoved hard and as OneFluffy face-planted the floor, he barked. “Why do you always get to sleep in the middle?”

Three heads are better than one? Not necessarily. Three heads are better than one? Not necessarily.


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