Why It's So Important to "Make Noise" About the Gender Wage Gap

3 years ago

"Make noise. Make people aware of the situation, and don't let up." ~ Theresa Sutton

It's hard to talk about the gender wage gap. We might fear getting fired for bringing it up, whether to our managers or on social media. We might not even consider asking for more money, or we might not know how to start.

In this video, some of the women of influence who went to #ObamaTownHall in Charlotte, North Carolina make some noise. These articulate, impressive and successful bloggers and social media influencers share their own stories of wage discrimination, the challenges of salary negotiation, and their struggles to get by.

They tell of the heartbreaking challenge of motivating our daughters to excel amid inequality.

These women also talk about how important it is for young women to negotiate their salary right away—did you know the wage gap gets wider the more senior you are?

And they talk seriously about our responsibility as influencers to lead by example. If we keep going the way we are, the gap won't close for another 124 years.

That's unacceptable. It's time to make noise.

Women of Influence at the #ObamaTownHall

(Names in bold appear in the video.)

Jessica Ballard, Positive Inspired Living

Susannah Brinkley, Feast + West

Tiffany Dahle, Peanut Blossom

Jennifer DeCurtins, Peanut Butter Runner

Nichole Esmon, Butterscotch Sundae

Julia Fain, Tag and Tibby

Abbie Gale, All That Makes You …

Lena Gott, What Mommy Does

Katie Harding, Mom Favorites

Tracey Harrelson, The Kitchen Is My Playground

Michelle Jones, PinQue

Kate Kelly, My Mommy Brain

Monique Kilgore, Divas Can Cook

Michelle Lee, The Adventures of Supermom

Katie Levans, Honeystuck

Melissa Llado, Serendipity and Spice

Towanda Long, Queenocracy

Tamara Marbury, Blitz and Glam

Christin Mahrlig, Spicy Southern Kitchen

Becky Mansfield, Your Modern Family

Dana McCurdy, Queen of My Castle 3

Chrissie Nelson, Off The Eaten Path

Erin Odom, The Humbled Homemaker

Amelia Old, Pretty in the Queen City

Nancy Piran, The Bitter Side of Sweet

Jamie Rippy, Mama Mommy Mom

Alli Smith, An Alli Event

Theresa Sutton, The Importance of Being Reese

Ashley Taylor, The Dose of Reality

Heather Tullos, Sugar Dish Me

Brittany Vanderlinden, That's Vandy

Molly Wey, Stilettos and Diapers

April Wilson, Losing It Daily

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