Why is it ok to bash women in order to sell a soda?

21 days ago
Sign the petition to remove this sexist ad campaign on Change.org here.
Diet-soda makers, concerned with the perception that diet drinks are only for women, are expanding their market to our nation's many obese men by making diet soda cool again for dudes.   And in doing so - have completely denigrated women...and men.Dr Pepper Ten will be wrapped in gunmetal grey packaging with silver bullets and not the girlie bubbles seen on regular Dr Pepper.
There's a Dr Pepper Ten Facebook page for men only, too. I had to create a new Facebook account indicating I’m a guy to even view the content.  It includes games and videos aimed at being "manly." There's a “manly shooting gallery” where men have “23 seconds to take out all the girlie stuff” with the directions of, “If it’s girlie shoot it – if it’s manly avoid it.” 
There’s a gun scope view on a pair of red high heels and then “girlie” items like lipstick, flowers, rainbows and unicorns flash by cowboy hats, hammers and little plastic toy soldiers. 
I purposely didn’t shoot anything to see how the game ended.  I was confronted with a message; “This shooting gallery is no place for a woman like you.”  Hmmm...wonder what Sarah Palin would have so say about being a poor markswoman?
There’s also a “Man-cronym” section that allows male users to create manly acronyms on manly type words such as Golf – Guys Outside Lady Free by Andrew V.  Never mind that Nancy Lopez or Annika Sorenstam are some of the best female golfers of all time and could compete with a guy in this sport any day of the week.  According to Ryan S Bold stands for Boycott Old Lady Drinks and Manly stands for Men Acting Nobly Ladies Yawn (WTF does that even mean??).
TV commercials are heavy on the sexism oh I'm sorry machismo as well.  According to the Dr Pepper Ten spot - women don't enjoy action movies and we should keep the romantic comedies and lady drinks to ourselves.  Uhm - did they REALLY say "lady drinks?"
I know it's possible to celebrate manliness without denigrating women. I've seen it done many times before. What's sad is when the best thing you have to say about being a man is, "Hey! At least I'm not a woman!"

My favorite part - the macho guy...is pouring the can of soda into a nice crystal glass with a bunch of ice cubes - because true many men ride through the jungle with fancy glasses...oh do please tell us again how "manly" you are...

Jim Trebilcock, executive vice president of marketing for Dr Pepper, said he's not worried about offending women with the campaign. The drink and marketing were tested in six different markets across the country before being rolled out nationally, and women weren't offended, he said. Jim Trebilcock states 40% of people who have tried the soda so far are women.  Of course they tried it Jim - it was a taste test. And - not one woman was offended? I call bullshit on that buddy.
"Women get the joke," he said. "'Is this really for men or really for women?' is a way to start the conversation that can spread and get people engaged in the product." 
I didn't get the "joke" when Got Milk did it and I sure as hell don't get the "joke" now.   

And seems as though I'm not alone - comments on the Dr Pepper Ten Facebook page are wretched with some telling those women who complain to "shut up and get back in the kitchen" or worse...threaten with rape.  To add fuel to the fire, the Dr. Pepper community manager has done a big no-no and is deleting all negative comments, which is only enraging already outraged fans...

K. Volek - why would they delete the comments? Afraid they upset too many people. If you're going to market a sexist product, get ready for some outrage.....

T. Laramie - WOW Dr Pepper, deleting comments from people who don't like your sad, outdated, pathetic and sexist little ad campaign? If you can't take the heat maybe you should have stayed off the internet.

Sign the petition to remove this sexist ad campaign on Change.org here.

And - be sure to Unlike the Dr Pepper Facebook page

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