Why I should have been a CSIS agent.

5 years ago

Today’s experiment:

Spend a few hours working in a coffee shop.


I am incapable of turning off my inner spy.

Some clarification…it didn’t really go too badly.

I finished the translation project I was working on. Once that was out of the way – and half way through a triple shot latte, but before the caffeine jitters set in – I began the daily commitment to the NaNoWriMo challenge of pulling 1700 words out of my head. This is proving more difficult than you’d think because I am like a bird …. look shiny things …. ooh pretty ….

Clearly my focus needs work, but last night I had an epiphany. Probably induced by lack of sleep combined with more cheese than a mid-sized woman should eat in one day. Despite not meeting my daily commitment, I am WRITING. This is more than could be said last month. The most I was doing towards the dream of writing fiction was plotting character assassinations during my runs. Don’t worry you’re all safe. Mostly.

Will I meet the 1700 words daily? Not likely. I’m okay with that because a story is forming and when I allow my mind to wander the words flow. Kind of like letting your eyes stop focusing on what’s directly in front and then seeing more peripherally.

I thought a change of scenery might help combat my bird-like tendencies so I sought out a coffee shop with some comfy seating, bought a latte the size of my head, and got down to it.

Did you know that there are people in these places? People who laugh and cry. People who gossip and argue and have such interesting conversations that I totally eavesdropped all over the place.

How rude of me. But I dare you to resist people discussing the latest machinations in their social groups or how to get their kids into the hottest sports programs. This was a poorly laid plan. I should have brought earplugs. And a wool touque to plop over top of that. And maybe blinders.

Am I doomed to spy on my fellow man or is this idea worth another go? In the meantime I’m rethinking my career. Anyone know if CSIS is hiring?

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Honestly…I’m working.


Kat @ jackstrawlane

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