Why I Made The Switch From Blogger to Wordpress


So I finally made the switch to Wordpress! It has been the topic of discussion for months now and it is finally official! I also had great help from a blogger buddy of mine Taryn.  She helped me create a new design because let's face it, my design needed a facelift and a more personalized look.  You can google pros and cons for using Blogger and Wordpress, but the bottom line is, you have a lot of limitations with Blogger. To become self-hosted and to create your blog on wordpress.org is like opening a door to endless opportunities for your blog, as far as I'm concerned.



The main reason it took me so long to transfer was money.  Many hosting sites advertise one price and then you learn that it is a lot more to get started.  I decided to go with Hostgator.  I heard great things and I ended up only paying $20 to start and I pay less than $10 a month for my service.  I'm not an affiliate for them.  I'm just stating the facts.


Below are all my reasons for making the big switch:


1) Comments! I hated Blogger's comment system. I've been told that depending on the template I use that I could get a version of comment luv that is offered on Wordpress. I researched that and couldn't find it anywhere.  I even asked several bloggers.  I started using Intense Debate which was a lot better than other comment systems.  I liked it because it provided emails to my readers with my reply to their comment.  The bad thing about it was, it slowed down my site.


2) Which brings me to my next point. Mobile friendliness.  My site was not mobile friendly and many Blogger sites are not. To be honest, I had the worst issue when I would make the mobile version available for viewing and that was that if someone wanted to comment from his or her phone or tablet, it would come through Blogger because the mobile friendly version of my site didn't display the Intense Debate comment form.  Some people suggested using Google Plus comments. Should you ever decide to transfer your blog in the future to another platform, you will loose those comments.


3) You have access to so many plugins that will enable you to do so much more on your website. If you need something, there is almost always a plugin for it.  The kicker is, knowing the wording of the plugins to be able to search for them or having relationships with other bloggers so that if you don't know, you can ask.


4) Not that the average person will exceed the amount of page views per day to where this would be an immediate problem, but did you know that after your page views exceed the limit, you would need to become self-hosted anyway?  I believe the number is 10,000 page views per day.  I've seen posts go super viral on Pinterest. You just never know, folks.


5)  I wouldn't want to be trying to make the switch any later than the present.  Moving everything over and building your site can be a lot of work and depending on how you maintained your comments, etc, wouldn't you be devastated if years of working on your blog couldn't be completely transferred over or it didn't look exactly the same? I didn't want to get to that point either.  If you want to make the switch and you can afford it, take it from me, hire a professional.


Some people feel that SEO is another reason to transfer.  I've heard some say that Google values Blogger blogs more so they rank higher or that Wordpress offers more things you can do to boost your SEO rankings.  In reference to that, I will say that we forget sometimes that Google isn't the only search engine where people can be looking for content on the web.  I've been privileged enough to know a blogger or two who are exceptional at SEO and making their websites rank quickly and these bloggers use Blogger.  Perhaps they are just savvy and have learned how to do so much on that platform.  However, I will say that most bloggers that I know who are successful are self-hosted and are on Wordpress.  I've come into contact with a couple of great bloggers who are geniuses at being able to maximize the tools you can use in Wordpress for SEO.  I will definitely share what I learn as I learn of course!


If you are comfortable using Blogger, by all means, continue what you are doing, but as for me, I'm glad I made the switch.


Did you ever use Blogger? 


Have you ever made this switch or any other type like this for your blog? 


Are you happy with your current blog platform or are you thinking about switching? 

I'd love to hear your thoughts!



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