Why I Love My Homestead

3 years ago

There's a lot to not love about homesteading. Animals need care regardless of the weather - so I have to see to it that they have water, food, a warm, dry place to sleep regardless of how nasty the weather is or how bad I might feel. Going out during a snow storm or downpour is not fun - and I hate tracking through snow or mud - but I do love my critters and I love my lifestyle - so I take the good with the bad. Now, you may wonder why I love my homestead - and my answer is simply freedom and security.

You see those animals produce food - and fertilizer that helps me grow food. They produce fiber that I can spin into yarn and then weave into cloth. I have a horse - so I have transportation if I need to get around. The extra roosters end up in the freezer and of course I get eggs and milk that I can turn into noodles, cheese, ice cream, butter and so much more. This is why I love my homestead.

The freedom and security I speak of is not something everyone has - but they should. Not everyone wants to work as hard as I do - and sometimes the tears and frustration flow. Sometimes I want to throw the towel in and walk away. Walking into the barn or chicken coop and listening to the animals talk or feeling their soft noses nuzzling against me is enough to remove those thoughts from my mind. If I find I need even more encouragement, I simply have to walk around me homestead and take note of the flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables growing here. One taste and I know why supermarket produce just doesn't satisfy me.

Once you understand that food tastes different according to how it was grown and where it was grown, you begin to understand why food you grow or meat you raise on your own land is far superior to anything you can buy. I garden organically. I don't want the chemicals in my food - nor do I want my animals eating chemical laden food. You see whatever they eat comes out the other end. The poo ends up in my compost pile and that compost ends up in my garden. The plants that I grow in that garden take up whatever is in the soil they are growing in and what they take up ultimately ends up in the produce.

When you go to the grocery store, you can't ask how the food was grown. You can guess. You can buy organic food but even that leaves a lot to be desired sometimes because no matter how fresh you think that food is, it still took several days to go from the field to your grocers shelf and that means there is nutrient loss. Yes, homesteading is a lot of work. Yes, I have to do many things I simply don't want to do. Yes, there are days the frustration takes over - but you know why I love my homestead now - and why I hope I never have to leave it. You see, I truly don't feel I could ever find the satisfaction I find here anywhere else in the world.

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