Why I Hate Job Interviews

4 years ago
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Admit it—we all hate going on job interviews. They can make even the most secure person feel awkward. There’s that feeling of being judged, scrutinized for any flaw. Worse, it makes us judge ourselves, always wondering, “Am I good enough?”

We make sure we’re professionally dressed, our teeth, hair and makeup perfect. We try to be prepared by scouring countless articles on how to do interviews, what kinds of questions to expect, what kinds of questions we should ask.

Two-Way Door

But it works both ways that each is going to try to tell the other what they think they want to hear. Just because you “ask the right questions,” doesn’t mean you will get authentic answers, and you will try to answer the employers questions with what they want. A vicious circle.

Preparing Till it Hurts

As the words start to swim before my eyes and the articles turn into blurs, I get to a point where I just can’t read another article on how to prepare. I just can’t remember everything I’m supposed to do in an interview. And I’ve come to realize it’s because it never feels authentic to me.

I can try “practicing a script” and saying the words I should out loud, but I can never get them to sound like mine. All those articles and all the advice seem disingenuous to me. I’m more of a “let me show you what I can do” instead of “let me try to talk you into thinking I can do the job.”

"Fake It Till You Become It"

I watched a Ted Talk before where, although the speaker was inspiring, I’m still trying to figure out what to do with her advice. She said she learned to “Fake it till you become it.” I still haven’t figured out how to do that for job interviews. My eyes just glaze over when I have to think about using corporate speak, and I usually come out of interviews feeling like a stressed-out mess.

One Alternative

Even the times when I thought an interview went really well, I still didn’t always get the job. I’ve had much better luck with temp-to-perm situations where I am brought in on a temp basis and put to work right away on a trial period. Like I said, I’m more of a “let me show you” person. 

I also like these because it gives me a chance to see what it would actually be like to work there full time. After all, as they say, job interviews also give the interviewee a chance to learn about the employer. By jumping right into working at a place, I can get an immediate feel for how it would be. Far better than leaving one full time job without knowing what’s ahead, only to have it not work out.

What job hunting/interview experiences have you had? Share in the comments below!

Ciao! Paula

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