Why I Got Rid of All the Bitchy Women in My Life and Why You Should Too...

5 years ago

I lived in a neighborhood that was filled with botox. I could barely breathe there. These women made the Stepford Wives look reserved and terribly normal. Their days consisted of going to the gym to try and perfect their already flawlessly retail store tanned bodies, nail salon trips to fix that chipped nail (damn that woman that didn't pay attention to what she was doing!), shopping for prepared meals, and meeting with decorators. They whined and wined constantly. I'm so unbelievable thankful to make it out of there alive...

There are some women that aren't that lucky, though. They just don't see the signs in time and slowly get sucked into the real life Stepford Wives world. It starts with "Why don't you come out to lunch with us Tuesday?" and ends with "Do you really believe you'll keep that figure if you eat that brownie?" Next thing you know that sweet, precious New Woman on the Block is sitting at the plastic surgeon's office asking about procedures to modify her real woman face into something that resembles her stretched out neighbors. I'm here to warn you DON'T FALL FOR IT!

If you start with the gym and the nails and don't see the botox coming...it's going to get ugly. You'll wish you could stop. But it'll be too late and the damage done. Woman: Why can't you just tell those clonies you are happy and walk away from them? We are not in Junior High. They will soon look like used up Barbies and you will be thankful you didn't follow them down that bunny trail. Take it from one that almost skipped down that trail and didn't come back. It's not worth it. Cleanse yourself of all those that don't accept themselves and You as you are...I promise you they are falling deeper and deeper into self destruction and grabbing hold of anyone they can to take the fall with them.  

Hopefully, one day you too can look back and know that getting rid of all those nasty women that tried to make you feel less than who you are was the greatest gift you could give yourself. There are plenty of other women in the world that love you and accept you as you are now and who you will be later- with or without plastic the surgery or the cards.

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