Why I Blog and Moved the Blog to Its Own Website.

4 years ago

I finally took the plunge and purchased a website from Justhost.com.  This will be the final web address for this blog.  This means this blog has one year to build up enough viewership that I feel I am actually helping others. 

The reason I started this blog was to help myself through a very difficult time in our lives.  I needed a reason to feel confident in myself.  Losing my job and not being able to find anything out there shook me to my very core.  I didn't understand why I was being denied even a basic interview.  My resume was good and other than lying about my experience I don't see where I could improve it.  The lying just wasn't going to happen.  That kind of thing always bites you in the arse.

Jobs that I had done just a few years earlier I was no longer qualified for.  The only thing lacking was a college education.  

I chose to raise four amazing kids rather than go to college.  I chose this because being a mom was the most important role I ever wanted to play at the time, not to mention money was not available for me to go to school.  The counselors at my high school really didn't explain anything about college.  They didn't attempt to steer us girls into careers, just stop gap jobs until we got married.  I guess I should say they didn't in my case.  I have only heard one other girl I went to high school say the same thing.  My parents and I had no idea how to get grants and loans.  Let's face it, my grades would never get me into college.  I chose playing the dumb route rather than have anyone focus any attention onto me for being smart.  I remember being made fun of by one of the girls in a class because my grades were pretty high my freshman year.  I hated the focus on me so I backed off.  I didn't put forth enough effort to get the grades I deserved.

In elementary school I wanted to be a lawyer.  In high school I wanted to be a social worker to help kids like my own cousins.  They just seemed to slip through the cracks or be considered throw away kids.  I also had that burning desire to live on a farm, be entirely self sufficient, and raise my family.  I don't feel I could have done both.  To this day, I don't regret not getting my college degree at the time.  I wish I could have gotten one since the nest got empty.  The problem for me, is I just realized what I wanted to do with my life.  I would never have been happy being a lawyer or a social worker.  I love history with a passion. I should have been a history major.  In today's economy a degree in history is just not going to pay the bills, so accounting would be the way for me to go.  I love boring stuff.  :)

Back to the blog, I didn't like the way our lives were heading back then.  I didn't like the anger that I felt and I didn't like the status of most of my relationships.  The very first blog I ever wrote has since been deleted because it was so negative.  It was really just a mirror of me.  I had stopped writing for a period of time.  I even forgot about it.  One day, I googled myself. I do that every so often you know and found that blog.  It was so sad.  I couldn't believe how miserable I was.  By this time I had found ways to save money.  The important relationships in my life were beginning to heal.  I found a renewed focus in saving money.  I searched blog after blog on how to make cleaning supplies, less costly meals, and even some DIY beauty ideas.  The idea came to me to just write about saving money.  I wanted a positive perspective from a non crazy person. 

This is not to say most people who write blogs about being frugal are crazy, but there are some strange ways out there to be frugal.  I want to show the world you can save money, be smart with your money, and not live in a 500 square foot house with a bunch of dried food and a military bunker under the basement. 

The goal is to make this blog viable in the next year.  I am going to throw myself into it.  Changing from Blogger to Wordpress was like starting over.  I had nearly 10,000 views on Blogger.  There have only been 350 views on Wordpress.  I appreciate my friends who read my blogs and give me insights and tips, but this blog has to grow beyond the people I love.  I pour my every emotion and energy into this blog.  I put my life out there for people to see, maybe relate too, and to get ideas for their lives.  I stopped writing about my weight because it is such a personal issue.  I didn't think I was reaching anyone. 

This blog is a first step in what I hope to be a way of life for me.  Eventually there will be a shopping area on the website.  I will sell my vanilla, African black soap, baby supplies, and even some instant pancake and waffle mixes.  I will be going to Farmer's markets selling all that and spice mixes too.  A small store front will come next.  I want a place to work out of with a completely professional kitchen so I can make all this stuff up, a small shopping area with tables.  I want to serve croissants, French cookies, and soups.  I want to sell fresh roasted coffee, nothing fancy, just single origins for home brewing.  I want a space that I can find everything I have searched for made easy for those who want to buy it.  I want to write a book with the ideas that I have found and come up with to be available for others to try.  I want to sell the cleaning products so that people who don't have the time to make them can buy them.

You see I have a vision.  I need help in moving this vision forward.  Most of you who read this know me.  Please keep me in your prayers and thoughts that this only works if it is what God intends.  Chris and I were speaking about these things last night.  We have two different goals.  He wants to save everything and build up dividends and investments that will pay us monthly.  I want something I can build that will be a lifelong investment in me.  Both are pretty good goals and both can work.  I just know that I am in this alone so I could use prayer and encouragement.

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