Why are Indian parents liable to teach their children about sex?

7 months ago
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There are various reasons for which it is said that the Indian parents are liable to teach about the sex to their children. It is really important for your child to get to know what is right for them and what is wrong. Leaving your children with someone isn’t a safe option at all, but if you do, your child must know the truth about everything.

No abuses at all

Not merely in India but all over the world, the children are taught that there is nothing wrong with sitting on people’s lap, I mean some unknown. It’s not sensible at all and the children of small age group must be taught the difference between right and wrong. Also, they must be the difference between an abuser and loved one.

Innocence loss

Due to innocence and lack of knowledge, the majority children don’t even know that something is done in the wrong with them. They think that it was a normal thing that happened to them. To prevent this and to save your children from such happenings, you must make them aware of all these things.

Make them love your body

Being a parent, you should teach your children to love their bodies. As a matter of fact, from the childhood, the kids are educated with the fact that they must be ashamed of their bodies and especially about their reproductive parts; they are being told that these are literally untouchable. The things that the kids learn to grow with them till their young age. In this way, they don’t love their bodies instead they should be learned to do so.

Sex is healthy in fact

The parents tell their children the strange things about sex, which in turn raise the unhealthy attitude of kids towards the sex. As a matter of common observance, the children of small age thinks that it’s a marital duty. Instead, they need to be told that its nothing like that and this type of attitude necessitates being changed.  They must be told that it’s a sort of healthy thing if done at right age and time.

The white and black

As a matter of fact, being parents, we avoid discussing such thing, for instance, the sex topics, with our children. This isn’t the right thing at all. The reason is that our children must be informed of right things so that they could stand in an accurate position to make the right decisions in their lives. This is only possible if they know that what is right, and what is not.

The gossip vine

To keep your children unfamiliar with the truths about sex, or anything else isn’t a good thing at all. The half truths are always destructive for children as well as for elder people. The reason is that they become inquisitive about any hush-hush topic and they try to discover more about it from their society. So, don’t tell them the half truths but let them know the complete ones.

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