Who's wrong, really?

5 years ago

Today I face a dilemma. Some of the lawyers, including the one I'm the secretary for, is going to have a conference call with about half-dozen people from all over the globe - proverbially, thank heavens. Unfortunately, said people has grammar as good as a watermelon. This being a law office, said situation is ripe with possible misunderstandings et. al.

At the previous conference call, a former Jr. Associate did something smart: He recorded the teleconference using his laptop. Unfortunately, said associate has resigned from this firm. Along with his laptop.

I suggested to the Sr. Lawyer's secretary - who was assigned the task of finding a sort of recorder - to record using a cellphone; I know blackberries and anything with android OS can make recordings. Hell, that was one of the reasons I bought an android phone.

She said I shouldn't suggest it to the Sr. Lawyer. - lest I would be prepared to do it over and over again.That I shouldn't bother, because they're not gonna appreciate it, anyway. And then we'll end up having to transcribe it and so on and so forth.

Somehow, I managed not to blink in confusion. I must be doing better with my act.

You see, back then at my former offices, I was always encouraged to have initiative. When I figured something out on my own and present it for the betterment of the company, I get rewarded. My first job hadn't even a LAN in place until I came and suggested it - and after they were conned by a 'contractor', I managed to convince my boss to let *me* do it. The LAN is still in place until now - 10+ years after I've resigned from there.

I was an admin manager at my second job. Obviously, I was no longer spoon-fed. I believe that my cigar-list database is still being used - even after the company was usurped by a larger import company. They probably no longer use the templates I'd made for correspondence/general paperwork. But I was commended effusively when I took the initiative.

That's not odd, right? I mean, when you do something in another person's way, and it's not working and/or isn't effective/efficient, you would eventually try to figure out some other way to do it. If your way works, you get commended/applauded. If it doesn't work, you go back to the old way. No harm done. At the very least, your boss will think you're a competent/initiative/useful staff. Best case scenario: when it comes time for performance review, your boss recalled your initiative/invention and rewarded you through your paycheck.

So am I just jaded?


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