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8 years ago

Exciting new blogs pour into the BlogHer blogrolls all the time. I'm supposed to keep you up with some of the great new finds in the Web & Technology area. I've been slacking in the show and tell department.

I don't slack in the reading department. I read fascinating posts in the technology blogs daily. It's time to share with a little show and tell.


Momelettes is a good place to start. Why? Because it's a blog full of tech tips that are presented like a cookbook of recipes. Pretty darn creative approach to technical information, I think.

In an article called Overwhelmed by your new gadget? Start here. she explains how to overcome your panic when faced with installing some new gadget in your life. Here's her first tip:

I have learned one or two things about overcoming this extreme gadget stress over the years, especially as I tend to acquire new gadgets faster than my milk goes out of date.

Always run the installation CD before hooking up your gadget to your computer.

The chances are pretty good that if your gadget needs a specific piece of software to work, it came on a CD. In most cases, the CD install program needs to run before physically connecting the device to your computer, so save yourself some unnecessary troubleshooting steps by following the install instructions exactly as the install guide says.

There are more excellent tips for getting your new gadget working. And that's just one article. How about these articles: Speed Up Your Windows XP Computer in 30 Seconds! or Use Jott to organize your life from anywhere. Momelettes is cooking up some good work.

Fake Plastic Fish

Fake Plastic Fish has been blogging for a while, but I just discovered her. She is removing plastic from her life and her home and telling you how you could do the same thing. Her accomplishment is amazing.

Every week she weighs and photographs the amount of plastic she used. She's been doing this for 2 years and 28 weeks now: Year 2, Week 28 Results: 8.8 oz of plastic waste.

Fake Plastic Fish also keeps The List. Here's what The List is:

One of the readers of this blog, Carol, asked me for a list of non-plastic alternatives I have found to get her started. So I thought maybe it was time for a summary of all the changes I've made to date.

This will be an ongoing list that I'll update as I find new ways to reduce my plastic consumption. (You all know how much I enjoy making lists!) I'm organizing it in order of easy changes that make a big impact to smaller, more specific efforts.

O C Pinay

O C Pinay is another interesting new discovery for me. She writes about gadgets and goodies. In this post, The Road to Mobility she talks about her mother-in-law's new gadget:

She saw an ad for the Scooter Store on TV and has since asked us to get her a power chair. She didn’t need to pay a single cent because Medicare covered 80% of the cost and her supplemental insurance covered the other 20%.

We showed her how to maneuver the power chair so that she could get around her apartment easily. She had such fun learning how to use it. Since I had to figure out how to use it for her, I learned firsthand how comfortable the seat is plus it’s easy to steer – you don’t need to apply much force at all! The power chair has brought my mother-in-law back her independence and she loves it.

She also explains
Nationwide Phone Lookup: End the Nuisance
and other interesting ideas. This blog is not all tech, it's sometimes personal, even more interesting.


Ecostiletto combines a love for great fashion (especially shoes) with green living in another unique and creative approach to a topic.

Ecostileto features such things as The Big List of Things that Suck, a long list that includes:

As many as 115 million animals are experimented on and killed in laboratories in the U.S. every year. Much of the experimentation remains ethically and scientifically questionable. Such testing calls into question the potential hazards to human beings, wildlife and the environment we all share.

like triclosan in personal care products interfere with testosterone production and have been detected in breast milk; overuse prevents them from working when they’re really needed, like to fight things like E. coli and Salmonella bacteria. Studies have shown that hot water and soap work just as well (or better) and don’t mess with us, or the ecosystem.

Ecostiletto has an interview with Jenny Garth about green products she's using. The blog features green tech, things for kids, and style tips.

Web Success Team

Finally, we have Web Success Team. This is actually a business site, but there is a blog for marketing and a blog for business offering up some helpful tips.

The marketing blog seems to be the main one, and contains articles like A Makeover for your Unsexy Product and Online Business Resolutions for your Web Success.

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