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In accepting the Fabulous Blog Ribbon, there are five rules I need to post and follow:

1. Thank the blogger who gave it to me and share the link back to the awarding blog.

2. Name 5 fabulous moments in my life.
3. Name 5 things that I love.
4. Name 5 things I hate.
5. Pass this ribbon to 5 deserving bloggers.

Another big thanks to Linda Anslemi for stopping by and giving me this ribbon! I will rock it with pride.

Here is my list of 5s...

5 Fabulous Moments

1. The birth of my son. It was amazing to finally see and hold the tiny, few-weeks-early baby who had endured a pregnancy that included multiple bed rests and a need for induced labor. I remember my son sleeping through his first feedings, and I marvel at how much he has grown--even if food is still not a big priority for him!

2. A recent conversation with my mom. The topics discussed aren't as important as the fact that we connected and had a good adult conversation. I was always closer to my father, but since he passed away, it's been good to feel how my mother and I have both evolved and have found a way to connect a little better.

3. Meeting my husband. Something inspired me, a notoriously shy person, to keep a conversation going with him at the store where he worked *and* ask for his number. That has been one of my most courageous moments. We married about a year later, and next year will be our 10-year anniversary. (There's a blog post about telling fear to have a seat in there somewhere...)

4. Any time I'm on an airplane. I had a job that required convention attendance about twice a year, and I came to enjoy traveling and flying. I can't wait for the next time I can hit the air!

5. Barack Obama winning the presidency. I did vote for him, but bigger than the excitement of the candidate I chose actually winning the election was the excitement of seeing an African American elected president in my lifetime. I hoped that it would happen, but I never thought it would happen this soon. (Now that we’ve hit that milestone, can we get a woman president now, too?)


5 Things That I Love

1. Music: Just about everything: hip-hop, R&B, rock (primarily classic and alternative, but also proto-punk/garage-type stuff and rock/world music hybrids), electronica, world music from a whole host of countries, jazz, classical, blues...

2. Cooking and food: As with music, my taste in food is diverse, too. I'd say Mexican, Jamaican, Ethiopian and Indian are my favorites. (I’m not cooking most of these myself. I’m most likely to be grilling, lightening up soul food, or making Mexican/Southwest-inspired items.)

3. Clothes: I love clothes, but I am known to be frugal, too. A friend once complimented me for having a knack for finding inexpensive clothes that don't look cheap. (I never got into thrifting because it seemed like options were limited when I weighed more, but I'd love to take that up now!)

4. Connecting with others online: Face-to-face, purely social connection is something I'm trying to gain more comfort with, but writing is my turf, so I really feel at home and able to express myself at places like BlogHer, Twitter (@dcangah), and Instagram (dcangah). And you all make it feel like home!

5. Quirky TV/Internet shows: Community, Parks & Rec, New Girl, The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl, Louie, Psych, The Big Bang Theory... Nerds, geeks and "cool weirdos" (to borrow a term coined by a singer named Peter Hadar)--that's my lane.


5 Things I Hate

1. When people speak on/act out an us vs. them mentality that shows a gleeful lack of empathy for others.

2. When I want to say something, but fear gets in the way. I'm challenging myself to work through that one these days.

3. Going to Walmart when it's crowded. It's a completely different store in the first hour that it's open for the day.

4. No uniform sizing standards for women's clothes. (I won't hold my breath for that, though.)

5. When an album comes out on iTunes before anywhere else. (FrankOcean's Channel Orange comes to mind as a recent example, and the sampler for singer Miguel’s latest.) I'm not a supporter of Apple, following their "gift" a few years back of digital rights-managed music files that I can't play right away anywhere other than on an iPod.


5 Bloggers Who Also Deserve This Ribbon

I went with people within the BlogHer community, as well as outside. Enjoy!

1. Is This the Middle: http://isthisthemiddle.blogspot.com/ Melanie has great stories and an entertaining take on life.

2. Isabel Anders: http://www.blogher.com/member/isabelanders Isabel’s posts are poetic messages that inspire me to think differently about life, love, and spiritual matters.

3. The Big Girl Blog: http://www.thebiggirlblog.com Cece's blog is geared toward singletons, but there’s good advice for anyone on relationships, health, beauty, fashion, and being confident at any size.

4. Girl Eat: http://girleat.com/ Her positive self-image and rejection of going for the okeydoke on the media’s idea of beauty are inspiring.

5. Suck It, Martha: http://suckitmartha.wordpress.com/ Go for the delicious recipes, cool projects and domestic advice, and stay for the funny pics that accompany each post.


Thank you again to Linda for this recognition! And to all the bloggers who are courageous enough to commit their fabulousness to "digital ink," I salute you.


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