Who is That Wild-Looking Woman on My Computer Screen? Oh Dear God...It's Me

6 years ago
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Three nights ago, I scared myself.  Bad.  I was watching TV and working on my laptop when I must have hit a button command by mistake.

When I next looked down at my computer screen I saw an older, pale, blondish woman with a surprised look on her face.  She stared straight at me. Her head was tilted to one side and the angle of the image was such that her nose seemed to completely fill the screen.  I could clearly see up one of the huge nostrils.  As if in slow motion, the startled woman on my computer screen widened her eyes and croaked "What the...."

Yes, that pale-faced woman was me -- on live camera -- and it was indeed scary.  No, much more than scary.  I would say frightening.

Since I couldn't get the camera to turn off, I simply closed down my laptop, and sat quietly in my chair.  Too rattled to think straight, I had to down a big glass of Merlot so I could gather my thoughts.  Wait, I really didn't want to "gather any thoughts."  I wanted to forget about the wild-eyed woman on my computer screen.  Honestly, this was just way too disturbing.

When I went to bed, I tossed and turned for a very long time.

I will leave you with this thought: They (whoever they are) always say "Don't use the computer right before bed."  Well, let me tell you: They are absolutely right.