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3 years ago


After leaving the business I co-owned and looking for a new path, I realized it will be extremely difficult to not be “the boss”. I would have never guessed that about myself. With the kids in school all day, I decided I needed something to occupy a few hours of my day and earn a few dollars. An odd thought popped into my mind after thinking about a friends housecleaning business—maybe I could do that too? So after a few referrals, my little housecleaning business was born. This entire experience has been enlightening on many levels, most of all shining a light on my prejudice. I will admit housecleaning as a career seemed like a step down and nothing I would ever choose. Well, it seems I am not the only one with these opinions. It is quite humorous to see the reactions on people’s faces when I share my current occupation. A common response, to see a brief look of pity mixed with shock. Like I have fallen on such hard times and I must be desperate to actually be cleaning houses. Yet, the truth is quite the opposite and nothing I am ashamed of. This is something I entered into of my own free will and it is a perfect fit for my family. I am my own boss and can create my own schedule. Which frees me to be there when my kids need me. To be honest, I am making more money now than I was working in our Store. There is one very strange aspect and that is that my home could actually use a housecleaner. My husband and children both had quite humorous reactions when I told them about my new job. I agree Martha Stewart I am not. Will I be doing this forever? That I cannot say for sure. At this moment in time, cleaning is the perfect fit for me at this stage in life. Have I given up on my other dreams, not a chance. Heck, maybe there is a book in here somewhere? The Diaries of a Housecleaner…hey, who knows?

Stacey Wakelin

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