Whitney Houston You Will Be Missed!

6 years ago
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It’s 6am in the morning. I have been in and out of sleep all night, following the updates of the untimely death of Whitney Houston.  I am amazed by the fact that I am saddened by the death of a woman, I never personally met. I feel strongly however, that I met her through her music. Whitney Houston’s music has stood as a pillar of inspiration for many including myself. In this hour I choose to remember Whitney Houston for what may have been some of the deepest love ballads known to man. During some of the darkest times in my life Whitney Houston’s music somehow lifted my soul, as well as provided a thriving hope that love could ultimately defeat our inner pain that we dealt with in our lives at any given time. I can’t help, but wonder whether or not, that if the same love Whitney Houston sang about was the same love she personally needed to feel in her own life. Often we wait until it’s too late to lavish our love on those we care about; we just assume they know how we feel. My prayer is that during Whitney Houston’s final exit, as she left earth and entered into a set eternity, that whatever she may have possibly been in anguish about became resolved between God and her. My prayer is that peace draped her presence upon exiting earth, and that she finally experiences the greatest love of all from our heavenly father that has the capability to provide an agape love no one man could ever provide here on earth. It is not our right to judge no one man, when I looked at the comments posted over the internet  hours, as well as days prior to Whitney Houston’s death, I was crushed that people could be so distasteful ,as well as so mean toward another human being.

It only serves as a prime example that you could do your best work here on earth to serve in some sort of way that would dignify your existence here on this earth, yet people will somehow find a way to discredit you by the character traits you possess as a person.

Whitney Houston’s music was legendary, and she can be considered no less than an Icon. Her music paved the way for many singers we listen to today. In the past she has done a great deal of service and charity to the communities in and around her as well as those abroad.  Whether we will admit it or not her music allowed us to feel love when listened to, her music brought forth a pure sensuality that made you feel delicate.

Whitney Houston was a strong woman in every aspect, yet like any other woman she was delicate, and often the way the world handled her during some of her most difficult seasons wasn’t right, and could never be rightly justified by any amount of words. Those that did  sympathize by either personal experience of fighting an addiction, as I have before in life, truly knows what it feels to be ostracized by the community around you.

I thank God, that I never experienced the gossip as well as finger pointing on the level that Whitney Houston had to. I often thank God that I was allotted the time as well as rest needed to abide in our heavenly father to truly fight the struggle an addiction of that magnitude can bring forth. This morning  although your body is gone Whitney Houston, your music now lives on forever as a reminder of  how much love means to the human race as a whole, you will be greatly missed by many.

I love you! More Importantly Jesus loves you and yes he does care