Polar Bears: An Unstable Future

5 years ago

The footprints of climate change are apparent throughout the world: droughts are threatening our crops and water supplies, and on the flip side, our oceans are warming, increasing the intensity of storms and hurricanes, sea levels are rising, arctic ice is melting at an alarming rate. And one fury white mammal is clinging on to the nearest iceberg.

Image: waynesworld_az via Flickr


Polar bears depend on sea ice to travel, rest, hunt and rear their young. Global warming is causing that ice to melt. A federal study shows that polar bears in the Alaskan Arctic are drowning due to the loss of sea ice because they have to swim further and further to reach the ice, and land.

When I think of polar bears, I picture a piece of ice with one stranded on top. Some might say it is a depressing way to think of them, but what is even more heartbreaking is that polar bears may not be around in 50 years. Extinct. Poof. Gone.

I asked my fellow “environmental bloggers” and readers what came to mind when they thought of polar bears.

“Drowning. They’re the first ones who are currently suffering DIRECTLY from our passive approach to correcting our lifestyles. I find it tragic that a powerful, self sustaining mammal is on the verge of going extinct due to DROWNING! And they’re freakin excellent swimmers and incredibly strong on land yet with our melting ice caps, they, nor their off spring, will even have a chance. Perhaps then we’ll start doing something, but that will be the beginning of the end really. UGH!” -Jennifer, Jenn Teaches Me About Health

“Slipping. Losing the battle. Extinction.” -Lori, Groovy Green Livin

“Stranded.” -Lisa, Retro HouseWife Goes Green

“I think of how we do not respect large predators. We see them in zoos and think they are cute and cuddly, then we have people trying to approach wild animals. I also see them as a symbol for climate change. They are our canaries in the coal mine.” -Brenna, Almost All the Truth

“I think of the fact, they are walking around with the chemicals from flame retardants in their bodies (PBDEs).” -Suzanne, Mommy Footprint

“I immediately think of the Dave Matthews Band song, Dive In: I saw a bear on TV and his friends were all drowning cause their homes were turning to water. A strange, kinda sad, big old bear surely would happily eat me. He’d tear me to pieces that bear. Wake up sleepy head I think the sun’s a little brighter today. Smile and watch the icicles melt away and see the water rising. Summers here to stay, and all those summer games will last forever. Go down to the shore, kick off your shoes, dive in the empty ocean.” -Gretchen, Healthful Mama

“Sea Ice.” -Mike, MikeSanClements.com

So clearly I am not the only one that thinks that we need to make some changes and help these beautiful creatures.

But there is still hope.

How can you help?

Together we can help save the polar bears. What will you do?

~Stephanie Moram, www.GoodGirlGoneGreen.com

Source: WWF.org

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