Where is the Leak coming from? Fiscal Fidelity Part 2

4 years ago

There is a leak somewhere!  

Six months ago, I was compelled to write this. Then, I joined the 52 week money challenge.  

I have to stop here just for a moment to declare that I am no financial guru. In fact, I hate math or anything that has anything to do with numbers. Yet, I seem to be drawn to this topic because of what I often times hear. I follow the Financial Stretcher and read anything that will help me stretch my hard earned money. If you read a previous blog, you will understand why I call it hard earned.

Since writing Fiscal Fidelity and with over 200 reads and feedback to write more here I am to discover where the leak is coming from.

Not so long ago, I received a crazy number for my water bill. Three times as much! I just knew this was a mistake. I called the water company. The customer service representative agreed it was an unusual number. She said to me, “You must have a leak!” She instructed me to search for the leak in a number of places.  We could not find a leak in the anticipated places. The leak was discovered in the backyard hose where the pipe was opened for an entire week. Who would have thought? I had forgotten to close the pipe after watering the flowers.

We all have leaks! Where is your leak coming from? A recent conversation with a colleague who not only motivated me to blog for stress relief but was motivated to establish fidelity with her money after reading this. She shared with me the fiscal leaks she found. They were lunch several times a week at the worksite’s cafeteria, coffee, soda, etc. She plugged those leaks by doing the obvious; bring her lunch to work and adding an extra drink to avoid the soda machine, etc. Since I already declared early on I was not an expert, go to this page  or this one for other ideas on plugging your leaks. A local TV Station also helps you not to waste your money.

According to financial experts, we should do fiscal checkups just as we perform an oil check or a dental check and physical checkup. Maintaining fiscal health is just as important as maintaining our physical health. Take some time to look for your leaks!




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