Where do you Find Your Inspiration

4 years ago
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While visiting my aunt (she has a great sense of humor) in Arizona, my husband and I decided to take her to see the movie “Million Dollar Arm.” It’s a movie about overcoming all odds. I’m so glad we didn’t have to talk that hard to get her to see this inspirational movie. She even let us pay for her ticket, LOL. She rarely gets to movies even though she enjoys them. I find inspiration in so many movies, books, TV shows, and life. One of the most inspirational women (beside my aunt), passed away May 28,Maya Angelou. She inspired many people with her wisdom and her inspirational quotes. Rest in Peace Maya Angelou, your poetry inspired many.

I wanted to focus this blog post on just one aspect of the movie, and I found that I can’t. I found the movie to be disarming, vulnerable, courageous, daring, motivational, humbling, and fun. In a word, inspirational. I found a lot of inspiration in this movie because there is heart, life’s hiccups, and lessons to be learned.


I find that you can rise to new heights despite your faults and shortcomings when you persevere.  Your dreams are important no matter how big, how little, short term or long term. You get to determine what your dreams are and choose how you reach them. Each step you take will you take you closer and closer to what you want.

Where do you find your inspiration? What gets you up in the morning to get one step closer to your dream? This week try this…write your dream 10 times a day in a journal, on a piece of paper, on your foggy mirror in the morning. Take this one action and see what develops and let me know what happens.

I’m here to root for you!