Where are the twenty-something or GEN-Y Bloggers Who Are Writing About Social Change and Nonprofits?

10 years ago

Vanessa, Subject To Change

Even though I'm more like twenty-something times 2.5, I attended the "Twenty-Something Meet Up" at the BlogHer Conference. Why did I go? I keep hearing from nonprofits that one of the reasons they want to incorporate a social networking or media strategy is to reach a younger audience. So, having this opportunity listen was very valuable.

Zandria did a fabulous job of facilitating the session. There were probably about 40 or 50 women in the room - not all were twenty somethings.

I wanted to listen to what was on their minds in general, although I was particularly keen on hearing any discussions or snippets about social change, nonprofits, and activism. Julia Smith, who blogs at the idealist and was in the room asked "Where are the twenty something/millennial bloggers writing about social change, activism, and nonprofits?"

I thought to myself, now that's a list I'd like to see.

There are lots of twenty-something bloggers and gen-y bloggers. If you work in nonprofits and track relevant research, you no doubt have come across the Social Citizen Blog from the Case Foundation and the paper, Social Citizen, from Allison Fine. Both are essential reading. And, on the sidebar, there are some links to young people's blogs. but I couldn't find an extensive list of twenty-something bloggers who focus on nonprofits, social change, and social action.

So, I decided to reach out and see if I could start to compile a list. What follows below is no doubt incomplete and I sure I've gotten ages wrong too -- so please make additions and corrections in the comments. Here's a few good blogs written by GenYs that cover nonprofit technology, philanthropy, social change, and more.

Blogs by Gen Y

Nonprofit Technology

Amy Sample Ward. I discovered Amy's NpTech blog about a year ago, maybe longer. She covers nonprofit technology, social actions, and social change. She is a real community person and is often promoting other people's projects.

Johanna Bates, a gen y and nonprofit techie, who works with a health care advocacy nonprofit, has recently take up blogging. Her writing is reflective and brilliant. She offers a perspective of what is like to be a GenY working for a nonprofit. Thoroughly enjoyed her post about 140 character filters.

Pulse and Signal covers the intersection between healthcare and social media and is written by Andre Blackman who is totally awesome. He is a terrific blogger, knows his beat, and very generous too. When I put on my Facebook status that I was looking for blogs, he wrote on my wall recommending many of the blogs that follow.

Girls With Macs is written by Michaela Hackner one of the smartest nonprofit technologists and marketers around. If I was working for a nonprofit that was doing a job search for a technologically savvy marketing person, I wouldn't even both posting a job description - I just hire her.


GenYGive is written by Miriam Kagan and talks about motivations and trends related to philanthropy and Gen Y. I discovered Miriam a month ago and have been fan. One of her recent posts, "Research Points Out That Gen Y's Give" is very informative.

New Voices of Philanthropy is written by Trista Harris and it covers issues of generational change in the philanthropic sector and more broadly trends in philanthropy.

Epic Change Blog is written by Stacey Monk. Epic change raises money to provide micro-loans in developing countries.

Nonprofits - Management Issues

From the Pipeline Rosetta Thurman is an emerging nonprofit leader of color sharing career advice, nonprofit management and other wisdom on her blog. I've been following her work for about two years now and excited to learn that we're going to speaking at the same conference come November - so we'll meet in person too! She is one of several bloggers part of the Brazen Careerist Nonprofit Network.

Subject To Change is written by a recent Yale alum, Vanessa Mason, who is just starting out a career in public health. Read her post "Gen Y and Global Health - Not A Match Made in Heaven". I discovered her on Twitter recently because she is connected to Andre Blackman.

Entry Level Living is written by Miss Jones who blogs about what she is learning as a recent college graduate with her first full time job in the nonprofit sector and as a young woman of color living in a new city trying to find herself. Very refreshing.

Social Citizen is written by Tera Wozniak from the League of Women voters and covers nonprofits, civil society, and more.

Nonprofit Programs and Social Actions

The Stupid Cancer Blog is written by Matthew Zachary who founded the social enterprise I'm Too Young for This." I had the pleasure of interviewing him about his he formed his organization.

Holy Meatballs is Global Kids project blog - I've pointed to the posts by teens. Global Kids uses interactive and experiential methods to educate youth about critical international and public policy issues and provides them with opportunities for civic and global engagement.

Change.Org is covering news about social change on its site. I didn't cull through all the content to pick out the Gen Y perspective, but I did notice that Vanessa was blogging over there.


Alex Rampy writes a blog called Social Butterfly that covers social marketing.

Association Marketing is written by Linda Dreyer who is very active with ASAE and recently cofounded a networking group for young association professionals. Also, Maddie Grant who started blogging about a year ago to write about associations and web 2.0.

Qui Diaz has a blog called Evange.LIST that covers social media for social causes. She also blogs at The Buzz Bin (her day job)

My research also found some excellent how-to blog posts about reaching out to Gen-Ys as potential donors and more general articles.

Some Relevant Blog Posts about Gen Y and Philanthropy (via Step by Step Fundraising)

Some Relevant Blog Posts about Gen Y and Impact on Workplace

Initiatives for Youth and Philanthropy (via Forum of Regional Grantmakers)

  • Coalition of Community Foundations for Youth (CCFY) a network of community foundations in the United States dedicated to improved conditions for children, youth and families.
  • Do Something a nationwide network of young people who take action to change the world around them.
  • The Giraffe Project the purpose is "move people to stick their necks out for the common good."
  • Learning to Give goal is to educate children about the independent sector and philanthropy.
  • Resource Generation Offers programs for young people with wealth to explore how their financial resources relate to social justice and provide tools for them to take action.
  • SV Kids To engage the next generation in giving the SVP way
  • Youth on Board prepares youth to be leaders in their communities.

What Gen Y/Twenty-Something bloggers who write about nonprofits, social change, philanthropy, or social action did I miss? What other relevant blog posts or web sites would you add to the resource list?

Beth Kanter, BlogHer CE for Social Change and Nonprofits, writes Beth's Blog.

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