When You Try To Do NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo At The Same Time

4 years ago

I committed to participating in both NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo this year, and it's proving to be hard. It was a pretty crazy decision, actually.

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I've always wanted to finish NaBloPoMo but have never made it all the way through, so I hope this year is my year. I've always wanted to try NaNoWriMo, and I have some time right now at long last to work on the poor novel idea that I've had simmering on the back burner for a long time. I weighed both options and decided to take on both writing commitments at the same time, thinking blog posting would be good writing warm-up for the novel and would keep me writing every day. Two, two, two goals in one! This is what's it's like.

Day 1 is like:

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When you tell your friends and family they are all like:

You're hitting publish on your blog posts well before midnight, so at first BloPo is like this:

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WriMo is a little harder, but your characters are starting to come alive and dialogue is rolling and you're like:

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You remember why you do this. The feeling of words lining up on pages is like:

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You pour your heart into your work and it's like:

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And then it's Day 3. You start lagging like a bad YouTube and it's like:

At some point on some random Sunday at 3 am (so technically Monday but who knows) it's like:

It feels like you write all the time, but often it's really like this:

And a whole lot of this:

And more than a little bit of this:

And you're worried it's starting to look like this:

So you make the huge mistake of reading what you've written, thinking it will inspire you:

But it's Jenny-Schecter bad, and that's really bad like this:

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And you're like:

Your friends try to help but it goes exactly like this:

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And the thought of anyone reading any of your words, ever again, is like this:

You're pretty sure it's time to declare it a BlowMe NoWriNoMo:

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And do the digital equivalent of this:

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But something in you inexplicably wants to keep going and it's like:

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You have a little chat with yourself about sticking with it and it's exactly like this:

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And the chat with your self doubts goes a little more like this:

And when you decide to go all in, knowing that you CAN finish WriMo and PoMo like your life depends on it, it's like:

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And you happily start writing again, figuring it either will all work out great like this:

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Or at least at some point it will finally be Day 30 and you'll totally be like this:

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What is today, the 22nd? Oh, really, just Day 7? Oh, sure, no problem. This is going to be a cakewalk.

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