When Is Too Much Shopping "Too Much"?

4 years ago

woman with shopping bags

So... let's talk.

I received a comment on one of my blog posts awhile back that still resonates with me. One of my readers has a family member who loved bags and shoes so much, and lived so far outside of her means, that she actually lost her house. As a beauty and fashion blogger, where I am constantly highlighting great products and finds, it would be wrong of me not to take a moment to talk about financial responsibility.

I joke a lot about my habitual shopping and failed spending freezes, but at the end of the day, I always know what I can and can't afford, what I should and shouldn't spend money on, what I need to save for rather than impulsively splurge on, etc. I think it's so, SO important to always know how much money you're able to spend, and stop at that. If you love to shop like I do, go in with a plan. And if you're absolutely coveting something, DYING for it, save up for it until you can actually afford it.

I can't tell you how many times I have started saving up for a splurge and lost interest in it halfway through. That's the point - if you're going to spend big money on something, it should be something that you're going to love for a long, long time.

Now, of course, big money means different things to different people. It all comes down to your budget.

Maybe you have a budget that doesn't allow you much room to shop - then shop your closet. Believe me, it's fun, and you will end up putting together outfits you never thought you even had. Need inspiration? Try a 30 for 30 challenge like Kendi Everyday's 30 for 30 Remix.

Maybe you have champagne taste on a beer (or even a Mad Dog 20/20) budget. Save for the splurges that you really want and can't live without. Go shopping in stores you know you can afford, with a spending budget in mind (and stick to it). Try not to use credit cards because it's too easy to get into the "buy now, pay later" routine. Better yet, go to the bank and take out exactly what you want to spend in cash. Once the cash is gone, you can't spend anymore.

Most of all, DON'T COMPARE. This is what seems to get people in trouble time and time again. There's always going to be a bigger diamond, a more expensive bag, a prettier girl. Sorry, but not really, because it's true. The thing is, don't let that get you down. Do you know how many people there are in the world? I don't either, but it's a lot. And no one person is better than any other. Remember that.

You may not be able to afford an Hermes Birkin Bag, but darn it if you can't style the shiz out of a Forever 21 outfit. We may be lacking in some areas (and everyone is!), but we shine in others. It's all about finding where YOU shine. And embracing it. And being proud of it!!! Not wanting for the areas that aren't quite as sparkly.

I want us all to appreciate the things we do have - and I'm not just talking material things, because money can't buy the truly beautiful things in life. And I want everyone to be able to go to sleep every night knowing that everything will be alright tomorrow, and the next day, and the next...

I feel so blessed every single day for everything that I have. And you should too.

So, that's my Public Service Announcement. Live within your means. Be smart, and be responsible. Because you never know what could happen.

Got it? Good.

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